If You Stand For Nothing…


If you stand for nothing, what will you fall for?

Football was quite interesting today.

On Mondays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays, the sport of Football reigns supreme. Whether it is college, high school, or professional, people are glued to their television screens to watch their favorite teams win whatever game they are playing. Normally, the only thing you have to worry about as a football team is whether or not they win or lose the game they are playing today, You worry for the offensive and defensive lines of your favorite teams, and that is the only thing that stresses you out on a normal Sunday afternoon and evening. Unfortunately, given a certain political figure’s social media posts, the focus and purpose of today’s athletic events changed.

Today, football got political.

In the past forty-eight hours, Donald Trump has tweeted his opinions regarding a quarterback’s refusal to stand during the United State’s National Anthem that plays prior. I won’t get into my own opinions regarding his stance on their stance during the national anthem and whether I agree with their refusal to stand during the national anthem, but I am impressed by the protest nonetheless.

The response from the football community has been overwhelming.

At the start of every single American football game across the country today, players of various race, creeds, and beliefs stood together in protest. The Pittsburgh Steelers and other teams remained in the locker room  in solidarity for the political climate of the country. Other members of various teams kneeled instead of normally standing, while others locked arms with their teammates to show support for the injustices that seem so common in this country. No angry words were spoken, and no violence was performed. People just acted in silent, peaceful protest.

It was heartwarming.

This world is an absolute mess nowadays. Everyone is angry at the angry world around us.  Today, protest against the world’s ills was made, and it was made correctly for once because no one got violent.

I get so sad with the way the world is sometimes.

The statement made by so many professional football players today gave me so much hope.

At the start of each professional NFL football game, as the national anthem of the united states played or was sung, most players either linked arms with their fellow players or took a knee.

No violence, no words.

I was moved by how impactful such a quiet act of defiance was.

It was my kind of protest.

Violent acts and hateful words, no matter what side of the argument you may find yourself on, are so easy to find these days, As an anti-political party citizen of the United States of America, I try to see both sides, and I hate how angry the world has become.

Today, the NFL gave me hope.


Weather I Am Healthy


On Saturday, I was walking outside in a tank top.

Yesterday, there was snow on the ground.

Today, I am coming down with a cold.

I hate this up and down weather.

One day, it snows. The next day, it is seventy degrees outside. Then, it is somewhere in between weather wise. Since Spring began here in Northeastern Pennsylvania, the weather has been all over the place. I will start the day with the highest of heat on in my car and leave with the AC blasting. There will be days that begin with sunshine and end with snow storms. You don’t know how to dress.

…and now I’m sick because of it.



…and flash!

The power just went out.

It started out like any normal Tuesday. I woke up and didn’t want to get out of bed. Threw on make-up and clothes and drove to work. Once I arrived at my place of employment, I made myself a cup of coffee and finished up any last minute work from the day before. Then, the official work day begun, and I set out to complete my normal daily goals that are assigned to me.  I was on a roll, getting things completed at a quick pace, when suddenly everything shut off without warning.

The power just went out for half of the city.

Days of Rain


I hate the rain.

Actually, no I don’t. I love the rain.

I just do not care for driving in it.

It is Spring in Northeastern Pennsylvania. This means the weather is anyone’s guess. Tomorrow, the forecast calls for possible snow showers to hit the area. Friendly reminder: IT’S APRIL! Today, after two days of warm sunny weather, the weather took a turn for the worst.

The skies opened up, and it poured.

Normally, I love the rain. I love sitting at home curled up in a blanket and falling asleep to the sound of the raindrops hitting my window. I just don’t like it when those rain drops are hitting the window of my car so much that I can’t see the road ahead as I am driving to work.

This weather is driving me nuts.



It is a funny thing.

I have a fairly good memory. While time has worn away some of the specifics of the events I have lived, I can remember many if not most of the social interactions I have encountered in my time on this earth. Some of these interactions were pleasant, and some still can give me nightmares. It is funny, while I should remember the ones that triggered some sort of social anxiety in me, the negative interactions have eroded in my mind over the years. It was the people who held out a hand to help me up instead of pushing me down that I have committed to the on-going memoir being written in my head.

Nice people are easier to remember.

Shopping Bag


Today was a good day.

While this warm weather has me feeling a little grumpy as I am not built to withstand heat, it was honestly very nice day to go outside not wearing multiple layers of clothing just to be able to not freeze to death. It was a day to go out and spend the day with friends doing something enjoyable.

That’s exactly what I did.

Normally, I am a bit of a homebody. I love interacting with other people, but I am an introvert and social interaction can be a bit draining. However, against my natural state, I went out with friends and shopped a little.

It was fun.

Can’t Take the Heat


The warm weather has finally arrived.

Gone are the days where there were not enough clothing layers in the world to keep you warm on the snowiest and coldest days. Now, you have to fight to find out how little clothing  you must legally keep on in order to stay cool. There is little chance of the white fluffy stuff falling from the sky and making the roads harder to drive. It should be a wonderful time.

Yet, I am miserable.

Like most people who live in regions where it snows, I was waiting for the time to come where snow was not in the forecast. Now that it is here, I forgot one thing about myself.

I am not a creature of hate.

Construction Season


Welcome to the season in Pennsylvania know as construction.

I wish I was kidding.

Yesterday, thanks to a construction project on the on-ramp I need to take to get home, traffic was backed up for about twenty minutes. You would take your foot off the break only to hit the brakes again not even two feet ahead of you. It is a nightmare.

Once I got to my hometown, it didn’t get much better.

Right now, my hometown is trying to put in a traffic circle in the middle of the town, and the various construction projects have caused a chaotic mess for drivers.

I hate this time of year.