If You Stand For Nothing…


If you stand for nothing, what will you fall for?

Football was quite interesting today.

On Mondays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays, the sport of Football reigns supreme. Whether it is college, high school, or professional, people are glued to their television screens to watch their favorite teams win whatever game they are playing. Normally, the only thing you have to worry about as a football team is whether or not they win or lose the game they are playing today, You worry for the offensive and defensive lines of your favorite teams, and that is the only thing that stresses you out on a normal Sunday afternoon and evening. Unfortunately, given a certain political figure’s social media posts, the focus and purpose of today’s athletic events changed.

Today, football got political.

In the past forty-eight hours, Donald Trump has tweeted his opinions regarding a quarterback’s refusal to stand during the United State’s National Anthem that plays prior. I won’t get into my own opinions regarding his stance on their stance during the national anthem and whether I agree with their refusal to stand during the national anthem, but I am impressed by the protest nonetheless.

The response from the football community has been overwhelming.

At the start of every single American football game across the country today, players of various race, creeds, and beliefs stood together in protest. The Pittsburgh Steelers and other teams remained in the locker room  in solidarity for the political climate of the country. Other members of various teams kneeled instead of normally standing, while others locked arms with their teammates to show support for the injustices that seem so common in this country. No angry words were spoken, and no violence was performed. People just acted in silent, peaceful protest.

It was heartwarming.

This world is an absolute mess nowadays. Everyone is angry at the angry world around us.  Today, protest against the world’s ills was made, and it was made correctly for once because no one got violent.

I get so sad with the way the world is sometimes.

The statement made by so many professional football players today gave me so much hope.

At the start of each professional NFL football game, as the national anthem of the united states played or was sung, most players either linked arms with their fellow players or took a knee.

No violence, no words.

I was moved by how impactful such a quiet act of defiance was.

It was my kind of protest.

Violent acts and hateful words, no matter what side of the argument you may find yourself on, are so easy to find these days, As an anti-political party citizen of the United States of America, I try to see both sides, and I hate how angry the world has become.

Today, the NFL gave me hope.


Here Now the Words of the Witches


“Here now the words of the witches…”

Dear God, I love the show Charmed. 

I was probably ten when I discovered the show. Channel surfing at the end of the hour one night, I stumbled upon a show where a girl is getting stabbed in the heart for some reason (Season 3 The episode “Coyote Piper” for anyone who watches the show). I don’t remember catching the rest of season, but I caught a fever for it when it came back for its season four with a brand new sister.

I was hooked.

When I was little, they were these magical super heroes who mystified me for a flickering moment. When I was eleven and started to watch the show completely, they were my role models to learn how to become a woman. As an adult, they are serving as friends when I am lonely and serving as a guidelines for how to operate as an adult now.

Power of three will set us free.

Hard as a Rock


Today was rough, my friends.

Can I just say sorry to you all before I type anything else? I know I have not been as vivd and complete with my blog posts of late. I set out to write five hundred words a day and can only manage about one hundred to two-hundred and fifty words. Life has just gotten a little too tough of late, and I need to devote a little more energy elsewhere in order to stay afloat in my life. I am trying, but the blog is still suffering a bit.

Anyway, back to the rough life.

Ever have one of those days? You know, the days where, no matter how much effort you may give towards something, life just decides it wants to pile on as much as possible to make sure you never feel like you get anything real accomplished. I always try to put forth the best of me, but today felt like that was just not enough.

Here’s to a better day tomorrow.

Even The Weather


It may snow tomorrow.

It might not snow tomorrow.

No one is really sure.

Happy First Day of Spring, everyone. Pennsylvania and much of the East coast know this time of year as second winter. We have had about four separate significant snow storms in the month of March alone, and we are likely going to get a few more before we begin to see green grass on every lawn. The funny thing is, all of these snow storms seem to go the exact same way.

No one knows what is going to happen.

We could get zero to twelve inches of snow tomorrow. Maybe, it will do something. Maybe it won’t. No one really is all too sure.

Who knows?

Stuck Again


I am stuck, my random internet friends.

Life is not horrible, I must say.  Work is going pretty well. It is not really all that stressful. The family is good. Everyone is relatively happy and healthy. I am okay, I suppose. There is not much I have to complain about. Everything is seemingly okay.

I just feel really stuck.

If life is black and white, then I feel really grey right now. Nothing seems to be moving at all. I am not suffering, but I am not experiencing any sort of euphoria. I just feel like I am floating in-between where I am and where I could be.

I just feel stuck.

Nothing to Say



I have nothing to say today.

Today was not an eventful day for me. I woke up around eleven in the morning. I got dressed and did a little grocery shopping, went to a family birthday party, and then came home to finish up any sort of task before the regular work week began.

Honestly, I have nothing to say.

Life is sort of at a stand still right now, and I am just waiting for life to begin. I get up, go to work, come home, take care of any sort of obligation, work out, blog, and go to bed. That’s it.

I’ve got nothing to say.

Lazy Saturday


I was really lazy today.

On Saturdays, I am not a work. I love my job, but I have my limits and need to step away for a little while. So, if I need to pull any overtime, I pull it during the week. Anyway, I normally try to sleep in as late as possible. Today, I slept in until almost eleven o’clock because I could. I stumbled out of bed, took a nice relaxing bath, and then made a cup of coffee. Then, I just sat around watching television for the rest of the morning. I was really lazy.

I did do something today though.

Some food was thrown together, and I cooked a few meals. Other than that, I just relaxed. Don’t get me wrong; it is great and important to be ambitious, but it is also so important to just relax. That is what I did.

I just relaxed

Power of Three


When I am feeling lost, I just turn to my sisters.

The Halliwell Sisters.

Charmed, the original version as we now have to call it as there is a reboot in the works, was a show about three and then later four sisters from San Francisco who happened to be the most powerful witches in the world. They navigate life, job, marriages, children, and any of the other challenges life throws at us while also battling warlocks and demons.

It is my favorite television show.

I have been watching this show since I was about twelve and have drawn so much comfort from spending hours of my time with the Halliwell sisters. Having discovered the series at one of the most crucial times in a person’s life, I learned everything I needed to know about being a strong confident women from watching them handle literal and fictional demons in their lives.  They taught me to be stronger than I thought I could be. They are my heroes.

They also give me comfort.

I’ve been feeling a bit off lately. Not bad, not good. Just off.  So, I turned on Netflix and brought up my all time favorite show in the entire world.