This is where a witty quip or a quote should go. That’s what they tell you in writing classes. Catch your audience’s attention with something short, sweet, and/or unexpected. Unfortunately, I’m fresh out of short, sweet, and/or unexpected.

I’m Jackie. I’m twenty-six years old. I live in Pennsylvania. I’m a young professional who has interests in language, literature, and music. When not at work, I spend my time reading, listening to music, and occasionally playing some video games.

…And I’m going to stop this part before it starts sounding like the beginning of a cover letter or profile page and get to why I’m here.

I’m a wannabe writer with the worst writer’s block you could imagine, and I need help to fix this in the worst possible way.

Working professionally as a writer has been a dream of mine for a while now. I spent four years as an undergraduate student studying the writings of others and decided, after I earned my Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and struggled to find a job in the publishing industry, I decided to try and see if the field of writing was where my true path should go. I applied and was accepted to an online Master’s degree program for Non-Fiction creative writing. For two years, I furiously type away at the keys of my MacBook Air and composed dozens of fictional and non-fictional pieces, gaining a keen understanding of what it took to write and write well.

I was so proud to graduate with this degree. I just wish I knew what to do with it.

Since I graduated with my Master’s, I haven’t been able to write a damn thing with any real substance. I have the skills to compose strong, well-rounded works of writing and the ideas floating around inside my head, but I can’t seem to make the skills and the ideas work together to create something strong, consistent, and worth an audience’s time.

Normally, I wouldn’t advocate trying to force writing when writing isn’t coming easily. When I try to do that, nothing I write feels authentic. Whether it is fiction, non-fiction, or poetry, I think a writer owes it to their audiences to write something honest and true. The writer is asking the audience to buy into the story they are trying to tell, and forcing writing causes the writing to sometimes feel forced which doesn’t create the best reading experience.

However, since there hasn’t been very much writing going on at all, I’m going to take a different approach to fix my inability to put anything, honest or not, on a page.

I’m going to make a damn good effort to post daily. 500 words a day or so to exercise my writing muscles and get back into literary shape. Odds and end. Rants, lists, reviews, and anything else I can think of that will hopefully shatter the horrific road block to my mind’s creativeness.

If you’re the least bit curious, feel free to check out my other writing sites filled with posts until I figure myself out on this site. It’s mostly poetry and longer pieces but worth the read.


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