Today, I’m feeling a little bit cynical, so I apologize in advance for the below rant against humanity and hope I don’t offend too much for what I’m about to type in this little blog post.

I’m a jerk.

You’re a jerk. We’re all jerks. Some much more than others. Some intentionally so, some unwittingly. No matter what, we kinda suck as the human race. Let’s just all admit that now before we go any further.

The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem, and there is most definitely a problem with this world and it’s goodness, or lack thereof.

When people are struggling, what do most people do? Offer a well wish, send a card, give flowers?

Sure, sending your regards is kind and doesn’t hurt the situation, but what does it do to better the circumstances?

Maybe its because we don’t want to seem, look, or feel bad that there’s negativity going on. We intend and wish for good, especially when we don’t know what else to do.

There is nothing wrong with wanting good and intending to do and add more good to the world, and it’s most definitely a start.

But intent is not action. Wanting better, intending to do better, its just not enough anymore, especially when the world has gotten much darker and more hateful. We want better, but we often fail to truly and actively fight for the light and betterment of our world and the lives of others.

I’m just as guilty of doing nothing more than blindly donating and well-wishing as anyone. I put out the good intent out into the world, but the potential good is left on used as I do nothing more.

We’re trying to use band-aids to cover-up bullet holes.

I’m not there aren’t those angels on earth that go out of their own way to help make another’s world better and are utterly selfless, and those people should be celebrated.

Those good people, sadly, are few in a sea of many.

On top of all of this, we’re now in a world where anger is being confused for activism and hostility for hope.

Think of the last major tragedy or political scandal that went against your own beliefs. We grieve and wish for better, but many often turn to anger and violence soon after and think this type of hostile action will eradicate the evil that’s been done.

Yet, all we’re doing is pouring gasoline on a fire. We’re adding volume to hate when we need to change the tune completely to a tune of hope.

We try to fight fire with fire, and then we wonder why the world’s still burning. Stand up in anger, be met with it. Don’t dare dream for the world to improve if you are fighting at the same levels as those who perpetuate the hatred. When we repeat the same negative behavior, we stick ourselves in a loop with no way of improving the world we find ourselves in.

Time to shatter this little circle of the negative.

It’s damn hard to fight for good when we don’t have the goodness training needed, especially with so much darkness in the world. It’s damn hard to choose kindness over hanger when we only see and experience hatred, but we have to. If we want better for the world, we have to be better.

Choose good. Do Good. Be Good.


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