It’ll Be the End of the World, eventually, as We Know It.

It’s all over, or, it will be. Eventually. At some point.

We can’t assume that most things in our lives will happen. Factors and circumstances can rewrite the future of our own narratives that completely divert us from the path we thought we would take. Everything changes, expect for one thing, one thing that in inescapable no matter what tries to divert us from it or how hard we try to avoid this inevitability.

Life ends.

If there’s one thing that we can guarantee one-hundred percent in life, it’s that everything eventually comes to a halt. Things eventually cease to be. Childhoods end when we faded to adulthood. That bottle of beer ends when we’ve drunk it all. We ourselves will meet our ends when our hearts and breaths stop. Everything, including ourselves, will be no more at some point in the near, far, wherever you are future.

I’m not trying to be a Debbie Downer, but it’s a truth we have no power in preventing the ultimate ending of our own individual humanity.

Unless you are immortal, and if you are… TELL ME YOUR SECRETS, YOU UN-KILLABLE WIZARD.

As this is an unlikely scenario, at some point, you will experience some sort of an end at some point.

We experience a multitude of endings throughout our lives, some much more grand than others. Things will come to a close, one way or another. Obviously, the inevitable ending of our lives is the ultimate ending, but we always have the little endings of brief moments and memories during our lives. These little endings can often feel as overwhelming and epic as the biggest of them all.

Take a book, for instance. I’m an avid reader. There is never a time I don’t have at least two to three books on my person at any given time. As an aspiring writer, I need to be constantly reading to learn how to become a better and more well-rounded writer, so I’m never without some sort of text or two in my purse. Right now, the number is at three.

Why three? Because I know my time reading the book will end. Maybe it will be tomorrow or three weeks from now, but it will end, and I need a back up book and a back up to my back up book because they will always come to a close.

Side note: This is always my excuse to abuse my Barnes and Noble membership and buy more books than I have room for in my house. I’m building my own Beauty and the Beast type library text by text.

Even if the book is just an installment in a continuing series, it and its series will eventually come to a close either when the story is over or the author meets a much more permanent ending.

Just hope, the story, whether it’s a stand-alone text or a continuing adventure, is an interesting one, one worth an audience’s reading.

That can also be applicable to life.

To quote my beloved Doctor Who, “We’re all stories in the end. Just make it a good one, eh?”


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