Night Owl

Confession time: I’m a vampire.  You’ll see me at my absolute best when it’s dark out. I can be kind of a monster, and when I step out into the sunlight, I want to burst into flames.

Well, metaphorically of course. Though, sometimes it can get a little too hot outside, and I feel like i could literally burst into flames.

Mornings just drain me. Obligation drags me out of bed, I get dressed, hop into my car, stop for coffee (a.k.a the magic “function in the morning” potion for those of us who aren’t morning people), and drive on to work. The morning then forces me into a battle between sleepiness and emails to answer as a struggle to return responses that sound coherent and not all like they’re from someone who went to bed a 2am and woke up at 6am.

You think that as midday approaches, I’d be at my best once the caffeine settles and the morning obligations have been obliged, but you’d be thinking quite wrong as the midday is probably the weirdest.

The Afternoon, once the fog of morning has finally cleared thanks to multiple cups of coffee, is arguably the weirdest time of day. You don’t have to fight to wake up, hopefully, because you’ve already danced your morning routine. Most of your emails and other morning rituals have been taken care of already. Why is it weird? Because it can be the longest or shortest time of the day. Evenings are just as bad. When you need more time in your day, 1pm-4pm seems like the blink of an eye. When you’re ready for the end of the day, those three hours seem like days. I swear the clock freezes.

The nighttime is where I feel I’m at my best.Sunlight doesn’t charge me up; moonlight does.

My favorite time of day is between about 1am and 6am. If you’re not suffering from some sort of attack of insomnia, I challenge you to stay up or be awake during those hours. During those five hours, everything is just calm. You aren’t under any obligation to do anything except be. The stillness of the night is so relaxing.

I think that it’s the calmness of the night that makes me such a night owl. Sure, I need social interaction like any other human on this planet. As an introvert, though, I also need to carve time out of my day to plug back into the metaphorical wall and recharge.

Night also offers a lot more anonymity that the harsh light of morning’s reality. You don’t need a mask to hide from the world; the darkness does that for you. You don’t have to be put together, professional you during the late hours of the day and early hours of the morning. The moon doesn’t care if we crumble and fall apart or love and live wildly.

The sun? He judges, harshly. Maybe that’s why we get sunburn. It’s the daytime’s way of silently judging us for our poor life choices. Judgmental bastard.

Day is typically associated with good, and night has earned an association with bad or scary. I don’t see why.

Sometimes, the sunset is more beautiful than the sunrise.


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