Glass of Red

Roll out your yoga mat. Turn off all of your devices. Get yourself in perfect lotus position. Close your eyes and breathe in and out. Namaste.

Now, you’re perfectly relaxed, in an absolute state of pure bliss.

Ok, so you may not be the yogi type, but the point I’m trying to make is that relaxation is one of the most important things we can do as human beings. We all need to stop and pause for a minute. We need to put everything aside for a split second and just breathe and enjoy without worry.

In summation, we all need to RELAX once and a while.

I know this may seem a bit backwards my normal rants and ravings regarding working hard and inspiration, but as I wind down from a long, stressful work week, I’m starting to realize that stopping to take a break is as every bit as important as finding inspiration or motivation to write and compose.

Yeah, I’ve gotten myself to understanding that, while taking care to make sure all of my work and activities are taken care of accurately and properly, taking the time to stop and smell the roses, as they say, is almost as important. While not working towards a particular goal, relaxing can be highly beneficial to no matter what one might want to accomplish. Basically, we need to take a break.

Relaxing is important, no matter what.

We all need to relax more. Not only do we not take the time to take it easy, we actively try to avoid looking even remotely inactive. We perform tasks, even by playing games or doing meaningless tasks, hoping that no one will brand us as one of the lazy ones. We will give anything to make it seem lime we are always one the go and moving.

I’m just as guilty as everyone. If you look at my previous posts, you might be able to see that I’m a bit of stressor over my work and life in general. Striking a balance between work and play is one that so many of us struggle with all the time. As someone who is trying to break into the writing scene, I  strive to work to write every day in order to prove that I am serious about writing. While I have risen to meet this goal, I stress every day about what I am going to furiously type about on my key board.

I stress about writing and always forget that it’s not the end of the world if I post a few minutes after midnight. The fact that I am posting five-hundred words before I go to sleep should be seen as an accomplishment.

I need to start relaxing more.

I think we all need to take a minute and breathe for a second. Stress can ebb heavily away at the creativity and productivity.

Right now as I type this daily post, I’m sipping a glass of red wine with my feet up while I watch The Simpsons and half-listen to my iPod. While the worry is creeping in that I won’t be able to finish my finish my post my midnight, I’m striving to relax so the writing is easier.

In the words of my all-time favorite musical Hamilton, “Take a break.”


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