Successfully Incomplete.

If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again as they say.

Ah ye, the sweetness of success. It’s supposedly the aspect of life when all of the stars aline and the outcome of whatever we want is a favorable one.

But do we honestly know when and if we succeed?

It can be argued that success is a favorable outcome resulting in an action or choice that we directly make. We are the masters of our own fate. If we move in a particular way that produces a favorable outcome, then it can be or maybe seen as a success. It may seem like an obvious answer as to what success is. However, can we really determine if we succeed over all in life?

On a grand scale, I’m not so sure if I have truly succeeded in my life ever. Sure, I succeeded in earning two college degrees, but I’m still leagues away from working a job in my field of study. I don’t have many friends, and I’m tragically and chronically single. I’m not too great at this whole life thing.

Failure should seem like a more utilized word than success for me.

These failures, or nonsuccesses, may seem plentiful. I never seem to hit the mark on the bullseye. I may complete a task, but there’s always a little failure that always make the success feel less successful. However, I know that success does happen to me. It happens  as much if not more than the failures in my life.

I succeed because I try, everyday.

Every morning, I succeed by waking up and getting out of bed at some point. How is this a success you might ask? I don’t always wake up happy or excited to start my day. I struggle a lot with finding the happy in life, and it’s really hard sometimes to even find a point to get out of bed. Somedays, I can’t seem to locate a valid enough reason to climb out of the covers and continue with my day with all of the already negative and potential negative aspects of my life.

But, I do.

Each day I choose to get out of bed a move forward in life in spite of any negative emotion I might be feeling or the potential for things to go wrong. I succeed, in spite of even potential micro failures, because I manage to push past all of the sadness and depression and move forward. The day could start out bad and only promise bad, and still I will get up and try to succeed. I have to try. In doing this, even if I fail at almost every thing I try to do.

It’s a little victory of successes in an ocean of failures, but I succeed nonetheless.

Maybe, we should pay more attention to these little life victories. Yes, we will fail in life. This is an inevitable truth we cannot avoid. Not everything we do will work out as we intended, but we succeed when we choose not to just give up.

Success, even if our efforts result in a negative outcome, occurs as long as we just don’t stop trying to move forward.

Whether I succeeded in a successful post or failed in its execution, I succeeded in my own goal to keep writing no matter what.

I feel better just having written that.


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