Habitual Habits

Bad habits. Good habits.

We are all creatures of habitual habits. We are a ritualistic people who perpetually walk in our own circles from day to day, never really straying from our own constructed path. We make a point, whether we’re aware of it or not, to retrace the same steps we made the day before and the day before that. We like patterns that don’t offer too many surprises.

It’s not to say I am above reproach with this day to day routine. I’m just as guilty in my repetition as everyone else.

I follow the same routine Monday through Friday. I set my five alarms starting at 6:15AM with the last alarm set to go off at 6:50AM. Usually, my eyes will flutter open around 5:30AM, and I’ll lay in bed trying to pretend that I can just lay there forever. Trying to relax but not fall asleep for fear of oversleeping, I shut my eyes as my FitBit buzzes at the 6:15AM alarm.

I can stay in bed a bit longer.

It takes the 6:25AM alarm to compel me to get out of bed. I sleepy and slowly get out of bed. I debate between the two outfits I picked out the previous night before I go with the more practical option out of laziness.  Hair and make up are done in the about fifteen minutes as the 6:45AM alarm buzzes. Teeth brushed, I am out the door at exactly 6:49. I drive through the Dunkin’ Donuts drive through and get my large hot coffee with almond milk and off to work I go.

To and from work, I take the same roads and arrive at the same time. I never really stray from this path unless an outside force or situation forces me into a different direction.

I can’t predict the exact events of the work day, but I can retrace my steps in my daily patterns enough to come damn near close to repeating the book ends of the day.

Hell, even this blog has its routine. I meander through my day, a couple topics

I try to seek new and different, but I never really venture outside my comfort zone. I’ve become so versed in my own daily, repetitive choreography that it becomes muscle memory. Even when I try to break the norm, every fiber of my being rejects the change and chooses to follow the path I know. There’s comfort and security in being able to have a slight clue as to where the day might go.

Taking a page out of Doctor Who, I use my routines to attempt some sort of time travel and be able to see the future before it happens.

I think that’s why we all have patterns or daily rituals we follow every day. Life is so damn unpredictable that we’ll do anything to try and get ahead of it. We take care to walk the same path every day so no stone or twig can trip us on our daily walks back and forth, but if we never take the road less travelled, we’ll never really create or learn something new. We’ll never grow.

Time for all of us to take a detour, yeah?



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