Life is Rough

Life is rough, internet strangers.

We all feel the effects of the harshness that life can throw at us. Unless you’re some sort of perpetual, you know that life can be hard. You also probably know that we have one way of combating this fact.

We cope.

Humans have this strange survival instinct. As new challenges emerge and as the world shifts, we are a species that molds and adapts to continue on. We make ourselves into whatever will help us survive. We cope by moving forward in our lives or nearly distracting ourselves until the hard times have passed.

There have been an immeasurable amount of distractions we as the human race have developed as a human race to cope with all of the dark and heavy experiences. From our vices liking drinking and smoking to hobbies and entertainment, we will always find ways to deal with life’s roadblocks and stresses.

For me, I cope by taking myself to the local bookstore.

Today, I stopped at Barnes and Noble and bought my usual minimum of two books to add to my overwhelming collection in my tiny bedroom. There are dozens of texts on shelves that decorate my walls that I haven’t even opened past the title page, but that doesn’t stop me from ordering or buying more. It’s comforting to know that I will never run out of reading material to consume.

Maybe I won’t be able to avoid life’s physical stresses and struggles, but I will always have a literary escape.

Books have the strange effect on me. They are arguably my ultimate mental comfort food. When my life has become too troublesome, I often cope by trying to trying anyway to escape. I can’t always remove myself physically from stressful situations, but my mind can travel to another world with the turn of a page.

I cope with my life by living another one.

Today though, I opted for a different coping method. Normally, on a day off, I’d do absolutely anything to fill my time with something like reading, writing, or listening to music. Anyone with anxiety or an anxious brain knows that an idle brain allowed to wander freely is the absolute worst. Your brain can and will imagine the worst possible situation for whatever is stressing you out, which stresses you out even more. So, we will find any possible task to occupy the empty space in our thoughts. Normally, that’s exactly what I would do.

Instead, I handled life’s stresses by doing absolutely nothing, and it was perfect.

I coped with the harshness of waking up by greeting the morning with a cup of coffee and a pile of blankets with me still in them. I rested in my bed, bundled in the multiple blankets I always sleep with, and sipped on a mug of coffee. That’s all. The tv was off. I wasn’t on my computer or iPad. I just relaxed.

Trying to cope with a long and stressful work week, I didn’t try to do a damn thing, and it worked.

Life is rough. It is not always a bright, sunny day, and so we’ve invented these umbrellas and flashlights to temporarily make life a little less grim. We learned how to survive, evolve, and deal with any road block by coping in whatever way we can that helps us overcome or deal with them. Sometimes, it’s just by sipping a cup of coffee in bed on your day off. Sometimes, it’s deciding to go for your Master’s degree because you can’t cope with not having a full time job.

Life is rough, so we cope.


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