Wait for It

It’s worth the wait as they say.

So that damn giraffe had her baby after what seems like years. Admit it, you were one of those people who either followed every inch story and posted every single little update that stupid zoo released or you prayed for the birth simply to stop your grandmother to stop positing about it so you could all get on with your lives.

Either case, you had to wait for that baby giraffe to arrive whether you cared or not, and arrive he did. Finally. Amazing though, the whole world stopped and held their breaths at the gestational aspects of a giraffe. Simply amazing .

We all experience waiting and hate doing so. We wait in long lines , either in store or at the drive through, for our coffee in the morning. We wait for the results of educational or medical tests. Even on our days off, we can find ourselves waiting for someone to call, or we wait in line at some event or an amusement ride. We all have to wait for something, and though our ways of waiting may differ, I think we can all agree on one thing.

Waiting sucks.

No one on this planet is immune from having to wait for something, and most of us cannot stand to wait. So, what do we do? We’e invented things that make an attempt to cut or eliminate the wait time we experience.  We try to make things instantaneous.  Every new invention, method, or app that pops up seems to be designed to provide instant gratification. We will create and try to mold the world to eliminate the wait for anything.

We don’t like waiting. Maybe it’s because, once we’ve completed our contribution to whatever situation, the outcome is out of our control. We can do our damnedest to try and affect the outcome, but we can never truly predict how our efforts, little or large, will play out? We try, and then we wait.

What are we waiting for?

One thing that is arguably the most awful about waiting is when you finally reach whatever you’ve been waiting, was it worth the wait? I’ve waited for the time traveling madman in the blue box to make his reappearance on my screen, and tonight is the night the Doctor returns. It’s been a year since a proper, non-Christmas special episode of Doctor Who has been released. Finally, the show that has captured my interest for about five years has finally returned, and I’m not sure how I feel. I’ve been waiting for a new episode, but I don’t know if it will be worth the wait.  I don’t know if it’s worth getting my hopes up only to have them dashed by a poorly made episode.

In a few minutes, my questions will be answered, and my wait will be over.

Waiting is the worst, but we have to do it at some point. We can attempt all we want to try and craft aspects of life to make things quicker, but we will have to wait. Maybe it’s worth it. Maybe, it’s not. All I know is that we will and have to wait.

“I’m willing to wait for it,”-Hamilton: An American Musical.


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