The Truth is Overrated

The truth is out there, and it hurts.

Truth and honesty are two of the weirdest aspects and qualities of life that we encounter. These things ask us to be and discusses the world as it is, rather than what it could or should be. They are seen as positive traits, but they are also the hardest to embody and live up to. We all claim to seek it out in all things, but we always will do absolutely anything to try and avoid it. When we step away from the truth, we enter something completely different.

Enter: the world of fiction.

Fiction is this beautiful thing where reality fades away, and what’s left is whatever your can possibly dream of. The world can be what you want it to be, even if it’s just for a moment inside your head. I’ve love the power fiction grants you. Whether you are painting, writing, to just telling stories to yourself in your own head, fiction gives you the ability to shape the world the way you want it to be or to create an entirely new world of your choosing. You are given control even when reality denies it to you. It’s your world as you would like it.

Even better, fiction itself can be done it whatever way you want it to be.

Fiction comes in a variety of forms. Literature especially offers different selections in the fictional genre. You have fantasy and sci-fi where the impossible is that particular world’s reality. Romances offer the illusion of falling in love. Mysteries put the audience in the role of a detective. There’s even realistic fiction with plausible scenarios for those who just want to stick their foot out of reality’s door.

Personally, there’s one type of fiction that I hold in the highest of esteem when it comes it literature and writing.

Fan Fiction.

This form of writing is one that isn’t often regarded in the highest of esteems amongst writers. Fan fiction is one of my all time favorite forms of fiction because it allows you to invent and reshape the worlds of your favorite fictional worlds. Two characters that should be a couple, but aren’t? You can write a piece where they get together. Didn’t like the season finale? Rewrite the ending that you think would be best. Just like normal fiction, you can take the controls, unofficially of course, of some of your all time favorites  for a brief moment. Unfortunately, as it requires the writer to borrow characters from another author, not everyone thinks highly of it. Still, I love it for one particular reason.

Fan fiction taught me to write fiction.

In terms of writing my own fiction, I’m quite new. Years of composing research and non-fiction pieces have taken their toll on my writing skills. Often, I end up composing a piece that feels stiff and blunt with no real artist to the language. When I started to try my hand at composing fiction and even creative non-fiction, I had no real clue how to craft a plot or characters.

I didn’t know where to start, until I started watching Doctor Who, and my mind started filling with ideas.

It started with fictions, or “fics,” about the inner workings of the characters’ minds. I didn’t try to move at all from the plot, but this allowed me to better understand characters and character development. As time went on, I moved farther and farther away from the plot and tried my hand at a few variations of plots I wasn’t fond of. Eventually, the characters and plots of the tv show faded, and my own ideas began to emerge.

I learned how to best craft my own fiction to help others escape.

Reality can get so overwhelming somedays, so it’s nice to know I can escape it for a brief moment or two. Whether it’s writing, reading, or whatever catches my fancy, I know there’s always a world where the pains and stresses of the real world can be erased by my own mental eraser.

The truth hurts, and fiction is the band-aid.


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