When Things Don’t Go as Planned

Write everyday.

That was the plan for this blog to kick start my writing and hopefully help me move towards a more writing  oriented career someday. The goal was to fire out at least five-hundred words of some sort of substance. I planned to post every single day, so I could be held to my self-imposed challenged. I had a clear and honest plan.

It’s just too bad that the universe decided that my plans needed to have a little bit of a hiccup in them.

I did write at least five hundred words yesterday. It was a pretty good topic, and I had a lot of fun writing it. At eleven thirty at night, I hit the publish button and shut down my computer to get ready for sleep. Waking up the next day, I open the WordPress app on my phone, and POOF! the post was gone. All that remained was the sixty words of the original saved draft. Hundreds of words lost to the void of technology. I had everything typed up and planned out perfectly.

I guess technology had other plans for my daily, or it could have been human error

While I’m not necessarily a true Type-A personality, I definitely display some of those tendencies, specifically, the need to have everything go exactly as I planned it to in my head. If I plan and prepare for everything to follow the pattern I meticulously set up, it damn sure better be the way I planned it to be.

Life, apparently, didn’t get that memo.

I know I have no true control over life and its design. I can plan everything and leave no stone unturned, and life will throw an unturned stone on the ground just to remind me of my lack of any real power on the universal scale. Yet, nothing stops me from attempting to challenge fate’s uncertainty. I will make myself believe that, if I plan and work hard,  everything should work out like I hoped it would.  I convince myself that I can share the world’s design as long as I try to follow my own patterns and ideas.

A little naive I am in the ways of the world.

I’m a little sad that my plans failed. The fact that the post didn’t post yesterday frustrates me to no end, but I know that it will be ok because I still achieved what I set out to do with my daily writing blog.

I wrote.

This whole blog experiment is serving as an exercise to get me to start writing again, and yesterday was no different. My computer or brain didn’t feel like following, but I still played my part because I kept writing.

I kept my promise.

I’ll post yesterday’s post tomorrow or maybe I won’t, who knows or cares?. Years from now, no one will likely remember if I missed one day of a blog post from technological or human error.

And if you do remember and try to remind me, well, screw you sir or madame.


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