Interesting Nothing

I’m bored. I’m really, really bored.

Inspiration is essential for creativity. When you aren’t inspired, it can be extremely hard to come up with any sort of work that has absolutely any level of substance. When I’m feeling uninspired, there’s really only one place I look to for the source of any of my inspiration for my writing or anything creative that I do.

Entertainment. Whenever I need a distraction, as being idle and without any focus is dangerous for my anxious brain, or when I need to figure out a direction for my own creativity, I look to various forms of entertainment like books, movies, or television shows to provide me with inspiration and mental stimulation. However, these things aren’t always so plentiful with their sources of inspiration. They can actually end up making me more uninspired.

The small screen of television, for instance, is providing little stimulation for any sort of inspiration.

Full disclosure, I’m a television junkie. I have Cable, a Netflix account, a Hulu Plus account, and an Amazon Prime account for a reason. I’m always on the lookout for a new television show to sink my teeth into. Usually, when looking for the latest and greatest that tv has to offer, I’ll take a look at the up and coming shows set to premiere for the upcoming season and take note of the ones that actually sound pretty interesting. As those shows won’t be released for a while, I’ll browse the steaming services for something, but nothing aside from Doctor Who really ever drew me into the world I was being asked to view. I never really make it past a few episodes before I become insanely bored.

No television show ever catches my eye these days. More specifically, they don’t capture my mind.TV shows these days? They try to catch the eye instead of capturing the mind. They go for being visually stunning and having overdone story lines rather than making anything of real substance. Aside from shows like CBS’s Elementary, there isn’t anything on that is even remotely intellectually stimulating. I like shows that surprise me and challenge me as an intellectual.  It’s extremely frustrating.

I’ll try something else.

Maybe, instead of plopping on a couch and watching the tv, I’ll read a book instead. Literature has absolutely never let me down once.

Oh wait, it has. I haven’t been able to find a text worth reading because most modern literature bores me to tears.

Right now, when it comes to my interest in books, I am a complete loss. There hasn’t been a book released in the last five years or so that has actually managed to catch my interest. No author has written something truly thought provoking. Most books released today are just recycling the same plots and tropes that have been present in literature for years. No one tries to be or write different. They just appeal to the masses. That’s it.

What to do then?

I’ll just keep searching for the next piece of entertainment. I’m always on a search for the next big thing that will inspire me to write and create more that will inspire others to create and inspire.

Hopefully, someday, I’ll entertain and inspire.



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