Needing to Want, Wanting to Need

I want you to want me.

What do you want? What do you really want? Our wants in life are whatever our hearts desire. They are the things that make our eyes sparkle and our hearts quicken with the mere thought of them They are the extras that make our life more than just existing. We wish for our wants in our dreams and fantasies, and they give us more to strive for in our lives.

Unfortunately, a life cannot be built on the wants and wishes of our hopes and dreams

Next question class, what do you need? What is essential to perpetuate your continuing to exist in this world? What are the things in your life that you absolutely cannot live without? Following and obliging the needs of our lives is imperative to keep going on with those lives. We need to take care of our needs.

Finally, ask yourself, do you want what you need, and do you need what you want? Do you accurately listen to what you want and adhere to what the needs that are important to your own personal life?

Do I or anyone human correctly, especially in this regard? I can’t speak for all of you lovely internet strangers. I’m sure you’re all lovely. As for me, I’m pretty damn bad at doing that.

Why do I suck at all of this?

It’s a pretty difficult balance to strike as a human, and I am horrible at being a human. I need to wake up in the morning, but most days I really don’t want to. I want coffee in the morning, but my horrible dental problems might make it seem like maybe I don’t need it. Yet, I’ve completely convinced myself that I need it. I need to go to work, but somedays, I really don’t want to go. It’s a daily struggle to figure out which is more important: my needs or my wants.

Is it worth following my needs when I don’t want to do any of them? Are my wants worth neglecting my needs? Do I need to do what I want, and do I want to do what I need? Why do I need to ask so many questions? Do I really want to know the answer? Do I truly need or want to know at all?

Why is humaning so hard, friends?

This is my daily life. I’ve stopped being able to accurately judge this balance of addressing what I want and what I need in my life. I don’t know if doing the right thing for me at the right time. Sometimes, I follow my obligations and disregard the wants in my life because I feel like I have to do something. When I feel like I have to, everything feels forced. Life becomes a dull shade of grey. On the other side, nothing gets done if I forget my needs in favor of whatever I want to do at the time.

What is supposed to matter more?


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