I’ve Got a Dream

“I dreamed a dream in time gone by…”

When I was really little, I had one of the strangest dreams I would ever had. I probably wasn’t more than five or six years old at the time, but even twenty years later, I have yet to forget the details. The police arrived to arrest me. I was drug out of my house and thrown into the back of a cop car where. Next thing I knew, thanks to the magic of dream travel, I ended up in a jail-like place entirely in the color of grey. The officers lead me to a cell that looks like any typical jail cell with the exception of having the board game “Don’t Spill the Beans” on the floor of the jail cell. I walked into the cell, and the dream ends as quickly as it began.

I woke up terrified.

Confused about this dream? So am I. I still don’t have the faintest idea what my crime was or why a five year old kid was placed in a jail with a board game amongst harden adult criminals. Nothing triggered or inspired any of the events or elements that transpired, but I was jailed in my dreams just the same.

It’s still the scariest dream I ever had.  Twenty or so years later, it’s still incredibly terrifying.

Humans are dreamers. We do not entirely exist in a world of fact and whatever is tangible in front of us. We are, at least we are supposed to be, beings of higher thought. Speculating on our experiences and reality around us, these thoughts become our ideals or our own ideas of the potential for disaster.

We all dream. While we all experience the act of dreaming, we dream in very different ways.

We all set different goals for ourselves. We see the ideal of what we want our life to be, and we work hard to get there. Our hope for this outcome becomes our dream. It is what we choose to want our life to become.

The funny thing about choosing our dreams is that we don’t always get to choose the dreams we have. Sometimes, the dream chooses us.

The day has ended, and you crawl into your respective sleeping place. Once your particular nightly rituals have been completed, you shut your eyes and let your body shut down for the night.

Then, you begin to dream

Occasionally, your mind will then play movies. Sometimes, these dreams are exactly like the ones we dream during the day, the ones we choose to dream. We see those hopes become a reality; we see the potential of our hard work pay off. Sometimes, however, we see every thought and fear we try to avoid in our waking state. It’s everything we don’t want to acknowledge that our subconscious decides we have to address as we sleep.

Scumbag brain.

The difference of our dreams can also be applied to our writing ideas. Through our various brainstorming techniques, we can map out the story we want to write in the same way we choose our dreams when we are awake. However, some of our ideas come to us without warning and will not leave us alone. It may not be the idea we choose to write, but our minds will not relent. These are the ideas that just pop into our mind with no prompt and will not leave our thoughts until they are written down on paper

Sometimes, we choose the dream; sometimes, it chooses us.

Whether I want to or not, I dream a dream and will write accordingly. Hopefully, I will avoid dream prison in the process.



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