One word down. Four hundred and ninety-nine to go.

Ok so now it’s more like four hundred and eighty-five, but you get it.

Without a teacher to provide me with guidelines or a rubric, I’ve been forced to come up with my own rules for this blog. Structure can vary, but I must type out at least five hundred words a day. Each day, I make it a point to crave out at least all of these words that contain some sort of content that applies to the mental processes that are occurring in my head on that particular day.

One hundred words down, four hundred to go.

Why a word count?

I suppose part of it is just a force of habit thanks to many years of educational torture…I mean teaching. It starts when teachers set the standard of minimum of five hundred words for all essays that are composed, usually at the elementary level of our education. After some time, once the “five hundred word minimum” is drilled into our skulls so we are guaranteed to write at least five hundred words every single time we compose a requested writing piece, the word count gives way to the page count.

Two hundred words cleared with three hundred words left.

I think the other reason I set up a word count for myself is for more practical reasons. As much as I really want to believe that long, wordy writing pieces are what people want to read, most writing jobs request pieces that are short, sweet, and to the point. Writing work for ads must be brief to catch an audience’s attention without boring them to tears. News articles must convey just the facts without any of the fluff. There just isn’t employment for the wordsmiths of the world.

The majority of the piece has been written as I pass the three hundred-word mark. Yay for progress.

Anyway, word counts in writing are a tricky thing to work with. How is a writer supposed to adequately express their ideas in their own unique voice when the number of words they have to write binds them? Trying to reach a particular number of words will forces a writer to needlessly utilize adverbs and long winded expressions to fill the blank spaces on the page with anything they can think of. Word limits do just as they say; they limit.

Four hundred words have been typed out. It’s time to wrap this little blog post up.

Art should not have limits. Creativity is supposed to go where logic of reality can only ever dream of going. However, if we want to make a life out of our art, we will eventually have to learn to shape and shift our fantasy and artistry to fit the structure of what we are asked to complete. For example, I want to capture an audience’s attention with concise but brief blog that keeps an audience’s attention

Oh look, five hundred words on the dot.


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