To Just Feel Better

“That’s the thing about pain; it demands to be felt.”-John Green

You will suffer.

That’s not a threat or even a premonition; it’s an inevitability. At some point in your long or short life, you will be met with an unpleasant event that causes unhappy feelings. No matter who you are or how well your life or perspective on it is, it does happen. Even the person who sees the cup as half full through rose colored glasses will be confronted with something that conflicts and contradicts with the joy and happiness in life.We all will see sorrow in our lives.

How do we keep going on living if we cannot escape the hard times?

We cope.

Humans are amazingly resilient. As a species, we have had to overcome so many obstacles that should have ended our time on this earth, yet, we persist. We suffer, and then we survive. Humans, like other species, are strong because of our ability to identify our sorrows and problems and to adapt our existence to overcome them. We craft and fight to defeat the intense darkness that tries to wipe us out, but what about the minor blackouts that interrupt our day every now and then.

Overcoming obstacles through hard work is one thing, getting by day by day is another.

Personally,  I’m someone who handles the big tragedies just fine.  Give me a major road block, a grand quest to undertake, and I am unshakeable. I am great under great pressure. Big problems, I can handle without an ounce of fear. Little ones become the life stopping obstacles. Put a twig in my way that trips me, though, and I’m unsettled for at least the rest of the day.  I can push through my day, but that little misstep will always be in the back of my mind.

I sweat the small stuff, and it’s all small stuff.

I’m not at all trying to be negative about the way life is, but life is negative at times. I can never avoid that fact. To add to this, I’m a bit of a pessimist at times, so I always wait for the bad thing to happen or assume it already happened. It can cause life to feel hopeless as the little bad things constantly happen. Sometimes, I feel like I should just give up, but I never do.

Why don’t I give up? Well, it truly is the little things in our lives that help us through each day.

Sure, it might just be like putting a band-aid on a bullet wound, but sometimes that’s just enough to make it through the day to get to the next chance of hope.  It’s the brief escape from all of life’s terrible noise over the span of a three minute song on your iPod. It’s erasing yourself from the conflict of your own narrative and dropping yourself into someone else’s through the pages of a book.

Pain is unavoidable, but it’s not at all inescapable.


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