If I Ruled the World…

What would you do if you controlled everything?

For just a moment, pretend you are in charge of the world. All of it. Anything you want to change, change it at will.

You have all the power.

Write the story of what you want the world to be. Compose each detail as you see fit. You can paint the world whatever hue you choose. You will decide exactly what laws are passed. You decide how everyone must feel and act, what everyone must look like. You choose who lives and who dies. It’s your world.

It is all in your hands to command.

How would you craft the world around you if you had the opportunity?

Sorry to say, you can only dream the world the exact way you would like. I can’t grant you the power to have all over the power.

Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on your particular perspective on this whole scenario, not one single person is awarded full power. Even when we plan every inch of our own lives, we have to plan around a world with aspects we can’t change. Our plans are derailed through things that are no where near our own fault. Life itself is out of our grasp. We do not have the power to move the world as much as it has the power to move us. Reality is not ours to shift and mold to our own desires.

So what do we do? How to we move forward in life if there is always something that we cannot craft to our own design?

Can we do anything to better our world and our lives? Do we even try?

When we don’t feel like we have all of the power in the world, it can easily feel like we don’t have any power at all. There’s always something that will slip out of our hands. It can make us feel utterly hopeless. Why try change anything in the world we find ourselves in if there are so many things that we have no power over?

Because we have to want better.

It’s true. Reality is something we will never have control over, but we do have control over ourselves to a certain extent. We can change what we can to make what we cannot change seem less heavy. We are awarded free will in this life, and that gives us a fair amount of control over ourselves.  When we try to change the world for the better even if the final outcome results in nothing epic from being changed, we choose to be better than the world we find ourselves in. We are putting more good into the world because we are choosing more good. We refuse to just take the unchangeable parts of life for what they are. We decided, or try to decide at least, to change the world for the better whether it pays off or not.

Do not just accept what you cannot change. Change what you cannot accept.


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