Headphones In, World Out.

An apple product a day keeps all of the noise of world away.

I’m about 99% sure my whole world would collapse if I lost my iPod.

Since I was about fifteen years old, my constant companion has been a revolving door of Apple music players to help me tune out the world when it gets too loud . Wrapped tightly in the standard white headphones that come with the device, it rests somewhere inside my purse, waiting for a quiet moment or an overtime shift when I can fish the little music player out of its hiding place. The headphones settle in my ears, and the world gets quiet as I raise the sound of the music to volumes that are most likely not safe for my ears.

Then, it’s just me and whatever comes out of my headphones, usually the soundtrack to Hamilton: An American Musical. 

I just can’t move through life without my iPod, my headphones, or music in general.

If I’m being brutally honest with myself, music is the one thing in this world I could never imagine my life without. I could never dare imagine a world without some sort of sound or song. If the world is dark, music can light a fire to fill the room. It can make a grey, dull world feel like you’re in the middle of a rainbow with each different note to lyric. Even literature could leave my life and I would lose the ability to comprehend a single syllable I encounter, and I would find some sort of solace in the world so long as melodies danced around my ears.

Music matters. It’s always mattered to me because it’s been there at my earliest of memories.

Before I deciphered the squiggles on the pages of books and learned to love reading anything and everything I can put hands on, I knew music. When it was time for bed, my dad would tuck me in and sing me to sleep with “Edelweiss” from the musical Sound of Music. There’s a home movie of me when I was about one being held and cooing the sounds of my lullaby. I even had a music box that played it.

Music is a part of my life. Always has been. Always will.

I’m so paranoid about losing the music that I walk around with a spare pair in the inevitable event that they break, and they will break. I’m really rough on head phones.

Like insanely rough. Usually, at least one earbud completely stops working, and I have to suffer through half sound until I scrounge up enough money to purchase a quality pair that won’t die in two days. I need to have access to full sound.

I hate dead silence. It makes the world seem so much less than what it could be. Personally, I’d go mad if the world went quiet. When the world is idle without any movement or sound, I am at my worst because my mind can and will go anywhere. A silent world is a world not moving. It is a flat picture.

Music makes the world more.


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