Socially Anxious Media


It’s 3am.

You stand before the refrigerator trying to decide what you want to eat. You’re not really all that hungry, but you find yourself in front of the fridge nonetheless. Sure, you’ll eventually start pursuing the shelfs, picking up random items and mulling over the ingredients lists like you actually are considering eating. After you’ve repeated the opening and closing of the door a few dozen times, you settle on whatever product catches your eyes. You still aren’t sure if you’re really super hungry, but you eat anyway and find yourself back in front of the fridge a few minutes later for another fix even though you still don’t have a need to eat.

Sound familar? It should, especially since food isn’t the only door we compulsively

Friends, this is likely you checking out your social media accounts. You can keep opening and closing it all you want, but you’re probably not going to see anything you want to mentally munch on.  We scroll past this one’s kid’s first holt communion or this one’s breakup or a top ten list about which celebrities have killed someone, never really needing this information but craving it just the same. Yes, you feel absolutely compelled to consume whether you feel hungry for information on the lives of others or not.

Our social media appetite is insatiable.

People find themselves on their social media accounts all of the time. I challenge anyone to say they don’t check social media at least once a day in some form. I know you people are out there, so congratulations on avoiding that circus and living a healthy, normal life style.

Yay you, you weirdly normal and productive member of society. Now, onto the rest of us.

Oh social media.  Instead of going out to social events, most of our social gatherings and interactions occur at our fingertips through our phones or, hell, even our watches. We plan parties, shop together, argue, and express our thoughts and feelings to millions of people in one-hundred forty characters or less. We’re able to make contact with classmates and colleagues we haven’t talked to in decades at the click of a button. We see the amount of friends we have reach numbers in the thousands.

Can we truly call them friends, though?

We’re now more connected to others across the globe, but we’ve also never been so isolated from those around us. I’m not saying anything new that hasn’t already been said about social media.  We’ve become a culture where we look down to connect to others across the globe but can’t seem to be bothered to look to look up at the people across the dinner table.

Digitally, our social lives have never been better. In reality, social media has made us absolutely suck at being people.


Social media allows people the social freedom that political correctness and civility take from them. Everyone can and will say whatever they want to without any filter or thought of the consequences. It gives people the freedom to be as cruel as they want while maintaining the civil, outward appearance in reality. Even those of us who want to believe we’re good people fall victim to the social media machine.

We just can’t stop.

I’ll see you all tomorrow. Time to open the social media fridge door.


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