Push Pull


Up and down. Back and forth.

It’s like riding a rickety old wooden roller coaster.  You sit in the torn fabric seats while a rusted bar is placed across your lap and an old metal chain abruptly yanks you up a hill then suddenly drops you down as the car shakes so much that you maintain a constant fear during the ride that you may fall out of the car before the ride is done.  Your whole body is on anxious alert.

Aside from sitting at the station, you never really know a moment of flat, steady calm.

A lot like life, yeah?

We exist in a world that constantly bounces from one opposite to another. Hope and despair go hand in hand. Their existence is dependent upon the other. What is joy without sorrow? War with without peace? Night without day?

You get the picture.

Life is never completely up or down. Unfortunately, while this dynamic style of living keeps life interesting, it can feel like you’re on a roller coaster that never ends. While some know the grey areas of life, a fair amount of others find themselves bouncing from one extreme to the other. Returning to the roller coaster analogy, you’re rising and falling as soon as you leave the station, but instead of stopping and getting off once the end of the track is reached, we get propelled forward for yet another round of ups and downs.

It’s a free ride no one asked to be on.

Basically, we are living day to night without ever experiencing the pauses of the evening and afternoon.

What’s life like when we’re allowed to stop?

I am unfortunately one of those people that never really get to see the twilight during my day to day activities. It’s either night or day, and their transitions are constant. When I’m sad or depressed, it’s like night has fallen completely around me. An ounce of joy illuminates my whole self. I can manage, but I always feel exhausted when I try to hold steady in the middle of a hurricane as I wait. Where can I press pause to catch my breath for a few moments?

Oh? I can’t? Life doesn’t offer a pause button to take a break ever once and a while?


It’s hard somedays to figure out life when life never stops to give you a rest for a little while. There isn’t some magical pause button that allows us to stop life from happening for a few minutes. Whether we’re prepared for the rise and fall of life, it goes on just the same.  We don’t get a choice to step away.

So, what do we do when we’re not allowed to stop?

I won’t say to just buckle up and enjoy the ride because it isn’t fair to you or your happiness just to accept life and its ups and down without trying to change. Change is good, and we should keep trying to be better and do better. On the other hand, don’t just jump off because it seems like we can’t stop. Prepare for the downs when you’re on the climb, and remember the rise when you’re on the downward spiral.

Put your hands up because the ride has just begun.


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