For Future Reference…


Tardis-in-Space-tardis-6289810-1280-768The future.

It’s an inevitable aspect of life that we have no control over. It’s also the one thing in life we all desperately want to know.

So, how do we try and sneak a peek at fate’s blue prints because it begins to build the future?

Some consult so-called psychics who read cards and crystals to divine of love

Do we want to know the future? Most of us will answer in the affirmative.

I know I do.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I hate it when I’m not prepared for the future. As an anxious individual, knowing what is going to happen before it happens is I cannot stand I need to know the future to make plans to be prepared, but even the most meticulously detailed plans can be derailed by some unforeseen glitch. It’s exhausting trying to adjust to an unknown future. I’d love for once to have some sort of clue as to what fate has in store.

Maybe a mad man in a blue box will come sweep me away to the future so I can see for myself what is to come.

For years now, I’ve watched the television show Doctor Who where the titular Doctor and his companions can just hop into the TARDIS and literally experience the future.  What this show has got me questioning is whether knowing the way the world will develop and where the human race will end up is a good thing. Sure, the episodes set in the opposite offer their own set of moral dilemmas regarding altering fate’s design, but there we are changing what has already occurred. We already know what is going to happen because we’ve seen it. We can devise what needs to be changed. We can try and take an eraser and rewrite the fate that has already been written.

The future, more specifically knowing the future and having the ability to change it, is a little more complicated because it has yet to happen.

If you could see or experience the future, would we want to know what it tells us? Should we change it for what we believe to be the betterWould it actually do us more good, or will it do us harm knowing all that will be with no surprises left in life?

Good thing, or bad thing depending on your perspective, we won’t have to answer any of those questions, at least not for now.

Until someone invents the ability to travel to the future or a mad man in a blue police box comes to take me away, I know we cannot control or even anticipate the way the world will play out ahead of us. We can use facts, figures, past events, or hell, even psychics, but there is nothing we can do know exactly what will happen in our future exactly as it will happen.

Yet, despite the unclear future ahead, we move forward in living out lives.

Maybe, the future is just what we make of it.



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