Teach Them How to Say Goodbye


“…the we’ll teach them how to say goodbye,”- Hamilton: An America Musical.

All good things come to an end.

Saying goodbye is never easy, which is funny because it’s an inevitability in life. We cannot hold on to anything for eternity. We can try all that we want to latch on to what we to keep, but there isn’t anything we can do to fight against fate’s design. At some point, we have to let go whether we’re completely ready or not.

Even someone like me who doesn’t know when to quit eventually has to let go sometimes.

We have to take off the training wheels to ride our big kid bikes.

I worked at my last job for almost seven years. Through my four years as an undergraduate student, a gap year of sorts,  and about a year and a half of graduate school, I worked at a local grocery store as a cashier whenever I was available. There, I had risen to a supervisor position while taking on a number of different positions. I knew and developed great relationships with the customers and with my fellow employees. The store became a second home for me. It was as familiar to me as my own family home.

…and there is nothing I want to hold on to more than things that are familiar.

Then, I got the phone call that I had gotten the most recent full-time job I had applied after I graduated with my undergraduate degree. Though it wasn’t a career in my field of study, it felt like my hard work in college and grad school had finally paid off. It was a natural step towards adulthood. So, I reacted in a way that was absolutely and completely logical.

I cried like a baby every single time I had to tell someone I was leaving my current job at the store.

I should have been absolutely happy to be moving on with my life, but my heart broke a little bit every time I thought about telling my friends at work goodbye. Taking on a new full time job mean I had to let go of a second family and everything I knew. It was a mixture of fear and heart break that generated a sob fest each and every time.

Those pained tears are some of the biggest reasons why I avoid saying goodbye

Even as I peak my head out of my door to look at careers in my field, I cling tightly to my office computer that I have known for the past two years. I know the people here now, my routine, and the building I enter every single day. It has become my new familiar, and it’s still scary to say goodbye to everything I know even though I’ve prepared myself to journey forward. It’s like I’m ready for the next hello, but I want say hi without the goodbye.

But, that’s not how the world works.


If we never say goodbye, we never learn to say hello to the next big thing. I know this all too well. A chapter of a book must end for the next one to begin.

Just to rebel, I won’t end this post with a goodbye.

Hello to tomorrow.


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