No Cheating 


Ever peak ahead to the end of a chapter in a book just to see where the story is going or look ahead at the first sentence or title of the following chapter? Sure, the fun is in being surprised, but sometimes you enjoy the story more when you’re not anxiously awaiting some devastating ending.

Too bad life isn’t like reading a novel and doesn’t very much like us to try and see where the story is going.

Yes, unfortunately we don’t have the luxury of taking a sneak preview of how our lives might go before we get there. There is absolutely no way we can see exactly what direction, with our choices and life’s little surprise twists, our stories will go in.

So, what do we do? What’s the right way to live our lives if we don’t know we’re living them correctly? How do we make the right choices when we won’t know if the choices are right until the consequences prove true?

We can try our damnedest to study previous patterns or consult psychics to steal a sneak preview at our movies, but life is the best keeper of it’s secrets.  There is absolutely no risk of any sort of spoiler for the main movie of our lives. This may make life more interesting, but it also poses a really big problem with living.

How do we do we’re making the right decision?

Spoiler alert: we don’t. Well, we don’t know if we’re making the correct decision until the consequences of that choice present themselves. We don’t know how our choices will influence our next chapter or how external factors will affect our choices. We have no way to trying to figure out the ending and if we are heading in the right direction.

We are left flying absolutely blind.

There’s no fast forward button, and we cannot just quickly flip ahead to the next page or chapter in the story of our lives. Hell, we can’t even pan our eyes down to the next paragraph on the exact same page. Life will not allow for any spoilers. We must live the story as it unfolds.

No spoilers.

Believe me, no one struggles with the “right choice without knowing the outcome” situation more than me. This venture into the unknown without knowing the destination keeps me from doing a lot of different things that happen around my life. If I cannot predict the outcome of any sort of situation I encounter in my life with almost perfect accuracy, I avoid it at all costs. I don’t want to risk failing.  Problem with this is that I then stop the story in its tracks. By avoiding anything that risks a sad ending, I never allow myself to reach the ending at all.

I stay stuck in the same chapter.

We cannot know how the story will end. We cannot get to the end without moving forward. If we want to know the ending of our lives, we must do one thing.

Keep reading.



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