Fight Song


You want to have a good life? Sometimes you have to work a little harder for what you want in life. Sometimes, you have to fight for the best possible outcome of our lives.

…and I’ve been learning to fight my entire life thanks to the magic of television.

Yup, as always, I am a being entirely influenced by the magic of the silver screen.Calling me a television junkie doesn’t even begin to cover it.

When I was three years old, my older brothers became obsessed with a television show that originated from Japan: Might Morphin’ Power Rangers. On this program, the American version of the show anyway, five/six teenagers are called to defend their town and the world from an evil alien/witch and her monsters. The teenagers would deal with a sitcom situation that would tie into and end with a fight with a giant monster that related to whatever they were going through during that episode. With choreographed kicks and punches, these costume-clad teens saved the day. They fought, saved the day, and first taught we what it meant to fight and be a hero.

Yet, I would soon learn that beating the bad guys was not the only way one could fight and be a hero.

A few years later, I met a trained fighter on a television show that focused on fighting who taught me more about morality than mortal wounds.


Goku from the manga/anime franchise Dragon Ball was my first real super hero. Similar to the story of Superman, Goku was an alien who ended up on earth and became its protector. Bad guys came to threaten the peaceful existence, and he always rose to defend the planet with everything he had. He trained hard even having inherent strength. He never once relied on pure physical strength just to win. This alone made him a valued hero in my eyes because he taught me dedication. Still, this isn’t what he taught me about fighting.

It was the fact that he was such a kind idiot that made him one of my most treasured heroes.

Most people, when they watch the show for a few minutes, realize that Goku is not the sharpest tool in the shed. He has no clue about most social and cultural norms. He loves to fight, but he is kind. He doesn’t just fight whomever he wants with malice. He fights for goodness.

But, his kindness isn’t what I need right now.

Now, I’m looking to an old warrior to fight for what I want to be.

As an anime fan since an early age, most of the normal American super heroes were absolute strangers to me. Sure, I watched the Batman cartoon occasionally on television, but my alpha heroes were Goku from Dragon Ball Z and Serena/Usagi from Sailor Moon. Where most kids learned to be heroes from the characters of DC and Marvel, I learned from the heroes formed in Japan.  Now that I’m grown, I need a warrior to teach and inspire me to fight and be strong.

I need to look to the ferocity of Wonder Woman. I need the warrior princess to teach me how to cut down the obstacles in my life and keep going despite anything going against me.

I need to be stronger to fight for the life I want.

Life isn’t always going to just let you have whatever you want whenever you want it. While life may be technically in the driver, if we want to go forward in our lives,  we have to be the ones who put the pedal to the metal. Especially if we are struggling in our day to day existence, we have to be willing to put ourselves onto the battlefield.

Sword up, shield up. To battle we go.


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