I Will Remember Me



Today is Memorial Day in the United States of America, a day where we offer our thanks and remembrance to those who have sacrificed their lives for the civilians of their homeland. We wear red flowers, hang posters, have parades, and celebrate/mourn the ultimate sacrifice these individuals made for all of their people. Thanks to these celebrations, these peoples will live on in memory and never truly leave us. We remember those fallen in battle, but all of this remembering of others has got me questioning again a very selfish thought.

How will we be remembered when our own battles have finished?

Take inventory of your life thus far. Look at the people you’ve met, the friendships you’ve formed and broken, the places you’ve travelled, and the work you have done in your various career choices. What have you done in your lifetime worth the memory and/or mourning of others? How will, if at all, the history books portray your character when you have long departed this world?

Have you done enough to earn your place in history? Are you worthy of remembrance when you leave this world? Do you even want others to remember you years from now?

Is it a selfish thought if the answer is yes?

Personally, I’m not sure if and how I will be remembered in this lifetime.I just know that I would love to be remembered by more than just close friends and family. I want others to know my name and celebrate the work I do. I’m not comparing the worth of my work to those who have given their very lives in the sacrifice of others.

I have done the work, but have I done enough to earn my own place in the history books? Will I be remembered?

I’ve followed all of the rules I was supposed to follow in my life, but did I do the right thing to win my statue in history’s memory?

On paper, it might seem like I’ve done everything I was supposed to do in life. I graduated high school with decent grades. I went to college, graduated, got a full time job, and even graduated from graduate school. I’ve strived to live my life correctly, but I’m starting to question if following the rules book is what will keep me out of the history books.

Will I be forgotten because I choose try to always be right instead of willing to be wrong?

I just don’t think I’ve done enough to earn the world’s remembrance, and I think it may be because I’ve chosen to just live my life correctly. Coloring inside the lines keeps the normal picture visible, but it’s only when we are willing to color outside the outline that something more is created. By breaking the mold, we make something worth remembering.

What’s the saying? Well behaved women rarely make history

To be remembered, you can’t just do what is seemingly right. You must do more.

I will remember you.

Will you remember me?


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