A Call to Be Kind


Dear World,

Hi. I’m one of the many living creatures who exist on the planet right now. I’m just one of many who live, love, work, and walk amongst you in this current day and age. I’ve lived here for about twenty-six years, and while I am a small figure in the grand scheme of the history of the universe, I would like to make a small and simple request if that is okay with you.

Can we all just be a little nicer to everyone and everything? Just for a second?

Because world, things are not that good right now.

Let’s review the last few weeks, shall we?

Only a few weeks after the terrorist attack in Manchester, three more acts of horrible violence have happened in London within a span of a few short hours that they are now calling an act of terrorism. Casulaites have already been reported in this tragic scene and multiple people have been injured. Only weeks after one act of unimaginable tragedy, another tragedy reopens and irritates the healing wounds, reigniting the hateful fires around the world.

But, wait, there’s more.

Life across the pond isn’t exactly a paradise of peace right now. In between these attacks of British soil, the United States finds itself in a state of chaos, anger, and confusion. Right now, the United States government has decided to remove itself from the Paris agreement for environmental regulations and is struggling as they propose a health care bill that could leave millions without access to health care. The president of the United States angrily tweets against any who speak out against him, causing so many to hatefully speak out for or against him. All of this anger has prompted rallies and protests almost every single month. This has become the new American normal.

The rest of the globe isn’t fairing any better with war, genocide, poverty, and tragedy making themselves daily occurrences. While all of this darkness is going on, everyone is screaming at each other over their stupid differences and disagreements. Every single day it is a new occurrence of something horrible that has happened.

World, I am tired. I am tired of all of it.

I am tired to waking up almost every single damn day to another tragedy caused by hate. I am tied of seeing protests, justified or otherwise, starting because people refuse to acknowledge the other side’s humanity. I am tired of people of people choosing to be angry and hateful, whether they are right or wrong, instead of trying to be kind and forgiving. It is getting harder and harder to want to wake up and get out of bed.

Let’s change the conversation, yeah?

Let’s be kinder to one another. Instead of raising a fist in anger, extend it in friendships. Listen to the other person before expressing hatred towards them. Reach out to those in need without needing the kind gesture to benefit you. Hell, post a kitten video instead of a political rant.

Just choose to be a good person for once.

I’m not stupid enough to believe that this will change absolutely every wrong that is currently facing we world. Countries will go to war. People will die of diseases and famine. Just being nice will not cure all of the world’s problems.

But, it is a start.


A citizen of the world.


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