In Good Faith


Hope is the wish to believe that the world can get better than its current state before it actually does.

Faith just believes it can.

When we’re young, most of us encounter the concept of faith in the form of religion, a belief in some sort of higher power. We cannot see it, some almighty entity or force driving anything and everything, yet we are told it exists and to believe in it. Without even seeing anything, our guardians and religious leaders tell us to put our certain and complete trust in something we cannot see.

That’s faith.

In God we trust, they say. Whether you continue with a church, stop believing all together, or find yourself searching for what you should believe in, faith continues to be a part of our lives.

Taking religion out of the equation, though I suppose this idea also applies to religious faith, faith is basically hope with certainty. Both hinge on the notion of believing before seeing. Hope is wishing for things can get better. Faith is believing that things will get better. It is knowledge without certain evidence. It can perpetuate the world to keep turning because we are confident it will.

I just wish I had faith that the world can get better.

So, another violent tragedy has happened literally within days of the span of about a day of the last time. I haven’t even bothered to look up the specific details of the events of whatever happened in Orlando. I just know it was a violent act, and more lives were needlessly lost.  It’s an everyday occurrence anymore. I don’t even have to look up an article or a hashtag about the subject to know people are already arguing themselves to death about the stupidest things. It’s a hateful act that is most definitely going to spawn more hate because we cannot seem to learn.

Dear God World, I AM TIRED!

We can’t even go a damn day without turning on each other, and it is exhausting. Every single day results in another heartbreaking story of loss, anger, and violence. Just as we gather ourselves up and start to even hope that we actually are beginning to change for the better, another tragic moment darkens the sky. We sit in stunned silence as we read about these stories, watch the reports on television, or even headed the cliff notes version as we scroll through Twitter. Wishful thinking is lovely, but it clearly isn’t doing the world many favors.

It doesn’t seem like hoping the world can get better is enough.

We need to have faith that it can.

To repeat, faith is hope with certainty. Sure, we can just keep hoping for the world to get better, but our dreams only work when we are sleeping. The waking world needs more than just wishful thinking of better days. We need faith that it will get better. We need to be confident in the world’s improvement so we can be active in its improvement.

We have to have faith that there is hope and hope that we have faith.


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