Mood Ring


If I had a mood ring right now, the stone would probably explode from the range of emotions I can experience on a daily basis.

Side question: are mood rings still a thing? I remember them back in the nineties, yes I’m aware they were a thing before my time as well, but I haven’t seen much of them since then.

Moods are basically our emotional rainbow. They can range from incredibly happy to unbearably distraught and every emotional color in-between. They are our reactions to the world around us. Emotions represent how we personally perceive and feel about the world.

…or so we think that our emotions are just for us.

Our personal moods may be quite personal for us, but they can also radiate off of us and affect those around us. I suppose there are people who are able to put on much more convincing poker face, but everyone has a breaking point where they cannot contain the internal feelings going on within them. Even worse, these internal feelings can find themselves leaking into the external world.

Our own moods can influence the mood rings on someone else’s fingers.

Smile at a sad looking stranger on the street when you’re filled with overwhelming joy over something great going on in your life.

You may not be able to tell, but you might have given someone unbelievable hope. Call it joy, happiness, or bliss, but a good mood is good for more than just ourselves. Yes, a good mood helps us to be more productive and improves our quality of life, but it can to immeasurable good for those around us. If a sad person sees you happy and spreading positivity, they might believe that things can become better than they currently are at the moment. You might even have saved someone’s life.

Unfortunately, a less sunny mood can be equally as infectious with much more unfortunate results.

Scowl at anyone you pass during your day when you are having a rotten day

Like I said, bad moods are equally as infectious as good moods, but with drastically different results. Even when the bad mood is not direct at you personally, you can find yourself absolutely wounded by the foul mood of another person.  You’re either stressed out that you caused the other person’s bad mood, or their bad mood just lowers the moral of everyone around them.

Even worse, there are people like myself who are just more sensitive to the emotions of others.

We all know the word empathy, a word which means having sympathy and understanding for other people. Unfortunately, while some people see empathy as an honorable and desirable trait, not everyone has a complete choice whether or not they are empathetic.  Some people just pick up more easily on the emotional vibe of the world.

I unfortunately fall into this category of person.

As a person who wears their heart on their sleeve and will fully admit to being a highly sensitive person to emotions, I have a love/hate relationship with emotions. I thrive on emotion but am also incredibly wounded by it. It can raise me up and destroy me in a flash. I also bounce between the emotions like a flash

My mood ring color doesn’t even know what it should be doing.



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