The Wonder of the World


Humans are terrible humans.

I’m ready to throw in the towel for the hope of humanity right now. As I’m writing this, another tragedy has occurred, and I honestly feel so numb as we cannot even go twenty-four hours without some sort of a mass act of terrible violence. We are awful at being humans. The salt, pepper, and spices of this horrible human cake are all of the back and forth over political turmoil in the United States. Threats and insults are hurled back and forth like the other person is not worthy of any sort of kindness or understanding. We’ve just become awful people to one another.

It seems so easy these days to want to give up on the world.

Too bad we don’t have a real life super hero like Wonder Woman to correct all of these evils of the world.

If you haven’t seen the Wonder Woman movie, whether or not you are a fan, it is an absolutely incredible movie with themes and life lessons that are so applicable to the way the world is now, even though it is set during the first world war.

Diana, a.k.a Wonder Woman, begins to lose hope and faith in the world of man when she sees the full effect that World War I has had on the world. In particular, she is heartbroken and appalled by how cruel people could be and that there was not one person she could just blame and defeat in battle to end all of the evils of the world. Seeing men and women willing to use weaponry to kill even the most innocent of us all caused the warrior to throw down her shield and sword and either walk away from the world of man or expedite their destruction with her god strength.

Does this type of horror and the feeling of hopeless regarding humanity seem vaguely familiar to anyone?

It is so easy to want to quit when all of these bad things keep happening in the world. Every damn day offers another horror of man kind’s evil and anger. Mass shootings, bombings, and even the comments sections of anything on absolutely any social media site just seem to show only that humans are horrible creatures who seem to live for hatred and destruction. Still, just like Wonder Woman, we have to remember one particular thing.

Humans can be incredibly bad, but they can do so much good as well.

We cannot lose faith in humanity. Yes, people can be unbelievably cruel to one another. Wars, politics, and even every day interactions have shown us this. Still, we can be so good when we want to be. When the bombings in Boston occurred a few years ago, we lost three lives and saw over a hundred lives injured due to the attack. Still, this seemed to show more of the good of humanity, rather than its evil. I surfed Huffington Post Good News, which is a news page I totally recommend when life gets dark, and read so many stories of people running towards the blast rather than from it in order to help those who were caught in the blast.  So many lives were saved because people chose to be good in spite of so much evil.

So just try to see the good of humanity.

Fight like a warrior for the good of man kind.


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