Routine Procedure


Coffee. Work. Dinner. Blog. Workout. Finish Blog. Sleep.

Everyday during the traditional work week, I follow the exact same routine.

I wake up around six o’clock in the morning, proud that I woke up so early, and reward myself by shutting my eyes for a few more minutes. By the time my fit-bit’s alarm buzzes fifteen minutes later, I decide I can probably get away with ten more minutes of rest that will eventually get turned into fifteen minutes. Luckily, I usually have picked out an outfit or two that I can just slip into, opting for the outfit that most practically fits whatever whether condition Northeastern Pennsylvania finds itself in. Slowly, but still with a feeling of rush, I fix up my hair and make-up. Ten minutes to seven in the morning, I am finally (mostly) ready for work.

Off I go.

Once I get in my little gold Ford Focus,  I drive straight to the local Dunkin Donuts and find my place a car or two from the intercom to order. After ordering a large hot coffee with almond milk, I pay with my Dunkin card and drive towards the city for work and yell at the other slow morning drivers while simultaneously yelling at the drivers behind me for driving far too fast behind me.

Still, give or take a few minutes, I usually arrive at work around the same time without any major diversion.

We almost always stick to a particular schedule, no matter the day. We follow our own footprints down the beaten, worn path that we walk down every single day of our lives. We are absolute creatures of familiar habits. Take inventory of your personal daily itinerary. Give or take a few details, you probably follow the same choices day after day. While we may want to have a change of pace, we are probably just as reluctant to let go of our familiar.

We’re afraid of the unknown. We’re afraid of the road less travelled.

As boring as the same old same sold can become in our day to day lives and as much as we can dream of a different life, we crave the familiarity of the same routine that we know. It’s all about security. We get bored with seeing the same scenery and situations day in and day out, but at least we know ourselves here. We know how to move about this path we always walk. Hell, we even have know how to minority adjust for the little bumps in the road if they occur so long as they always occur along our old familiar path. Though life can throw curve balls, we generally can predict how it will go if we never seek to deviate from the known path.

But, how then can life move on?

What’s that old saying? Ships are safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are built for.

Let me put a spin of the old cliché. Ships are safe in harbor or if they follow the exact same course every single time they decide to set sail, but where’s the fun in that? Okay, so it’s not exactly perfect, but stay with me on this. If we follow the same course, we will reach our destination almost every single time but never see the ocean and its wonder.

While the streams are safe, take time to sail to see the ocean ever once and a while.



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