To Inspire is the Ultimate Good.


You inspire me. This is inspiring. It was inspired.

We need inspiration in our lives.

Right now, the seventy-first annual Tony Awards, basically the Academy Awards for plays and musicals of the stage, are going on. It’s a night to celebrate the creativity and efforts of those who took words to paper so they can tell a story and the people who helped them express this story to audiences. After every other commercial break, there is a lively musical number from whatever the top few musicals of the year were. In between the planned musical outbursts, awards are given to those writers and production members who helped bring the stories to life. It’s a night to celebrate the world of the stage and all who love and work within the theaters of New York City and across the globe.

If you’re a fan of musical theater, it’s a night to get incredibly excited and inspired.

Last year, while I was watching the award show, I was on the edge of my seat as I rooted for the show of the year Hamilton: An American Musical. A few weeks prior, I had the pleasure of seeing the show myself. With tickets for the show sold out at the height of its popularity through February of next year, I somehow managed to win the right to buy tickets through the show’s ticket lottery. Sitting in the front row of the theater, I received the greatest gift of inspiration I could have ever asked for in my life. After seeing the show, I became one of it’s biggest champions.

Hamilton inspired me, and I wanted nothing more than to see it rewarded for the inspiration that it gave to me.

What inspired me about the musical Hamilton wasn’t just the music or the story and the way the true story that it was based on was told, it was that it was told by the person who saw it fit to bring it to stage. I had the pleasure of seeing the man who created the musical perform the lead role on stage in front of my eyes. The storyteller himself told me the story, a tale that itself was inspired by another’s work that drew its inspiration from a real life American story.

Hamilton is inspiration in any and all senses of the word.

Composer, lyricist, and musical genius Lin-Manuel Miranda was inspired to compose this musical masterpiece when he picked up a copy of a biography about American founding father Alexander Hamilton. Becoming inspired himself, he set out to create a show that became a source of creativity and inspiration for so many people.  Lin-Manuel Miranda was inspired by Chernow and thus inspired others. He was inspired and turned around and inspired others. This taught me a major lesson.

Inspiration gives hope.

There’s an immeasurable power in becoming inspired. Inspiration fuels us with hope because it creates possibility without limitation. When we believe in unlimited potential, we strive for more.

I’m inspired to write in the hopes that my words and writing will eventually inspired someone else who will then inspire other people.


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