Nothing But Breathing


When I woke up this morning, I lingered for a few minutes in the embrace of my blankets and pillows before putting one foot after another on my carpet and walking out of my bedroom. I eventually, after a cup of coffee, went to the mall to pick up a few things and came home for lunch.

That is about as much as I actually got done today.  These were my accomplishments for the day, only these things and nothing more. I probably should have done more with my day off, but I really didn’t do much.

We all want to feel accomplished in our own lives.

Accomplishments are basically tasks we are given, either voluntarily or otherwise, that reach their completion and conclusion in some way, shape, or form. Our days are defined by what we accomplish in the hours we have been given. Sometimes, we accomplish amazing, grand things in less than a day. After working tirelessly, we are able to achieve goals and overcome obstacles we thought was absolutely impossible. Other times, our accomplishments are as simple as making it to work on time without crashing our car from sleeplessness or aggravation triggered by the morning traffic.

These daily accomplishments vary in their grandness, you know?

Even in our own average jobs, we accomplish goals big and small that help define our days. Day to day, we are asked to accomplish different goals During an average work day, I try to perform and complete the various tasks I am asked to complete by my manager and supervisors as quickly and accurately as possible. Depending on my place on the schedule of my department, I have to be prepared in the skills of both my education and experience in my job to accurately and quickly complete what I need to finish on a day to day business.  Unfortunately, I cannot account for every little nuanced difference in the difficulty of each task given. One day, I can get through a hundred different but easy types of one particular task, while another day can see me struck on one of the same task for much longer and result in only a dozen of that task getting finished. While this should still be seen as an accomplishment, the numbers still matter to me.

If we don’t do a lot in our days, it can seem like we have done nothing at all, and this can make us feel like we have completely failed in our lives if we do not accomplish a high volume of tasks, whether or not these tasks are of high quality or not. Even if I do accomplish at least something in my day, if the quantity of what I completed is low, I might as well have completed nothing. I could finish one amazing feet, but if it is only one, I failed in my day.

I know. It seems like I’m being too tough on myself. As always, I need to learn to be a lot kinder to the face in the mirror.

I’m not saying I shouldn’t push myself to accomplish things in life. I’m just saying that sometimes it’s hard enough to will oneself to get out of bed despite every internal instinct to curl up inside the blankets and never leave the bed.

Sometimes, the only thing I accomplish is that I keep breathing…

…and that’s enough.


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