When You Have the Time


I have time.

Today, I had to go in later for work for a late shift that someone in our department has to cover each month. I start a little before noon and leave around eight at night.  While I still have to work for eight hours today, this variation on my normal day shift has given something I feel like I don’t always have the luxury of during an average day.

Right now, I have time to kill.

Too often, it can feel like we have no time to get anything we think we need to get done completed. Work, family, friends, and other obligations can drain our time reserves dry, and it can seem like we don’t have enough time to get anything we need to complete done, especially things we need to do for ourselves. I know on a normal day, between work and any other extra side projects I am working on at the moment, I am bewildered to turn around and see the midnight hour. Nothing else will get done that day as I need to head off to bed so I am well rested enough for work. There doesn’t often feel like there is time for me to take care of me.

This morning, I was finally able to take a little time for myself before my day actually began.

Waking up to my preset alarm of 6:15AM, I got to take the time for an hour or two more of shuteye. I finally roused myself, only to settle back down in the warm embrace of a nice hot bubble bath. Hell, even when I finally had to start getting ready, I was allowed to take the time to actually make my make-up look like it was done by an adult and not like a sleep-deprived child, as it does normally.  I’m even getting a head start on today’s blog post and might even get it completed before 11:59pm. However, I see a new problem begin to emerge as I settle back into my bed to relax a bit more.

What do I do now?

I have spare time, and it’s driving me a bit mad right now. Time is a lot like silence in this regard; when there is nothing to fill the gaps, it can be overwhelming. Just like the ears with sound, we are meant to experience and use our time wisely. When it just sits there unused, it’s being wasted. It is even worse when we attempt to fill these temporal gaps with nothing but meaningless filler. Sure, I can sit here and write or read a book, but those aren’t doing anything important with the time I have been given. I should do more with the time I have been given.

I can feel like clock ticking, and its sound is taunting me.

Time is both our greatest gift and our biggest curse. When we have it to use, we are able to accomplish so much good in our lives. It allows us to experience and live in the world we find ourselves in. However, we are utterly bound by it. We can have too much of it and waste it, or we are constantly running out of it.

Use your time wisely, my friends.


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