When We Want To Not Want To


Today, I don’t want to write a blog post at all.

Somedays, life provides me with a multitude of writing prompts that just fly off of my finger tips and onto the screen. I know the right observations and anecdotes that fit into the daily narrative I’ve decided to compose. I am fully confident in my words and eager to write down what I want to tell the internet world. Days like these, I can write a blog post in under an hour. I just have such an easy time writing the world as I see it or want it to be.

Not today.

Today is a day where I am wholly unmotivated to write another daily blog post. Some days, it is an absolute miracle if I can come up with the vague ghost of an idea by eight o’clock at night. Days like these, I’m distracted or just have a million other things I want to or have to do. I have nothing I feel that is worthy enough to write down and share with the world wide web. Still, some days I just do not feel like sitting in front of my computer, whether I have ideas or not. I may have ideas or nothing else to do, but I just lack the will or desire to type up five hundred words.

I really don’t want to write anything today, but I will.

We all face things in our lives that we just have no desire to do but have to do for whatever personal reason pertains to you. Every day, I go to work, and while I enjoy my job a fair amount of the time, there are most definitely days I only show up and perform well at my job so I do not get fired and can earn a paycheck.  I love my family, but I often go to family events as an obligation. It’s good to do a good job and to show support for your loved ones, but there are just some days where you don’t have any energy, motivation, or desire to enjoy these tasks.

Today is a day where I just do not feel like trying to write, a task and daily obligation I have given myself to do, but I will try my hardest to write something down for the day.

It could be five hundred words of complete nonsense, but I will figure out five hundred words that somehow compose I know writing everyday will help me improve as a writer. I will strengthen my skills if I take the time to think of an idea, draft the structure of what I am planning to write, and then taking the time out of my day to write everything down. I may not want to, but I will.

Not everything we do in our lives is exactly what we want to do in our lives, but we do them because they are what will better our lives or the lives of the people we love and care about.

I didn’t want to write today, but I did.


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