Let Down Your Hair


Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair.

Every night before I go to sleep, whether I’ve washed my thick hair that evening or not, I sit down on the carpet in front of my bedroom mirror and carefully section on my hair in half before dividing each half into three strands to be twisted into braided form. In the morning, I undo the hair ties binding my hair to their braided forms, and my hair cascades down my shoulders. Running a brush to calm the large, frizzy mass, my wavy hair finally looks controlled and precise.

Seems like a lot of work and preparation, but I love my hair.

There is so much that makes me insecure about my inner and outer beauty.  My skins not   perfect. I’m too skinny. I am not good at socializing. I’m anxious and depressed. Yet with all of my insecurities, I still find some favorable attributes about myself. One thing in particular that has always been able to give me the most confidence is my ability of have damn good hair. I take complete pride in using the best, cruelty free, products and using the best techniques to make sure my hair is looking and feeling it’s absolute best. I love my hair so much that it’s become so much of who I am.

My hair is a part of my identity.

Up until I was in the fourth grade, I had long hair that could probably rival the hair of the fairy tale princess Rapunzel. It was waist length and ultra thick, and I always got the most complements on it. Hell, my picture from the second grade was often complimented for my lovely locks. I was known as the girl with the extra long hair.

Then, I cut most of it off.

I’m not sure what compelled me to chop off my signature locks, but for some reason, I chopped it off to a short bob. Maybe, I was sick and tired of the weight of my long hair or the effort it took to care for it due to its length and thickness. Even now with my hair just past my boobs, I have to use twice the recommended amount of shampoo, conditioner, or other hair care product to get the results I needed thanks to how long my hair is and how thick it is. When I go to get my hair trimmed at a salon, I leave with my hair slightly damp as it normally takes at least an hour just to get my hair dry. If I leave it to air dry, it’ll be the next day before it dries. This much hair takes a lot of effort.

This high maintenance has caused me to chop off my long locks after a certain point in my life when I think I am ready for a new change.

The thing is, I always think I’m ready for a change, but I always find myself yearning for my long locks after a few hours of short hair life.

Since I was a senior in high school, I’ve maintained a hair length that is at least two inches past my shoulders. Much as I want to cut it all off some days, it’s become a part of who I am. I love my long hair.

Give me a head with hair, long beautiful hair.



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