Let Freedom Ring


On this day in 1776, the thirteen colonies gathered together and presented the statement known to the world as the Declaration of Independence and declared to the other nations of the world that these, at the time, thirteen colonies were a free and independent nation.  Today, we showed the world that we believed ourselves worthy to be free of the rule of the Mother Europe and of our worthiness of be considered a nation in our own right.

On this day, we declared our independence from, particularly, British rule. Then, we had to earn it.

Because, declaring freedom is one thing. The actuality of being free is an entirely different situation.

That’s the funny thing about celebrating the Fourth of July holiday. Today, isn’t the anniversary of the day we won our independence. That day wouldn’t come until a few years later in 1783. Today is simply the anniversary of the day that we declared our intent to be free to England and the rest of the nations of the world.  We, as a nation, then had to prove to the other countries that we were worthy of being considered a free a d independent county. Through battles and diplomacy, we worked towards earning the right to consider ourselves a free and independent nation. We didn’t just want it; we earned it, through blood, ink, sweat, and tears. The American Revolutionary War is not just a battle; it’s our proof to the other nations of the world that we deserve to be free. The declaration showed our intent to rid ourselves of British rule. Then, we proved we deserved it.

Funny thing it, it is honestly a great metaphor for the way we live our own lives.

Deciding what we want in life is the first step. Next step is to work for it.

If the American Revolutionary War or American history in general taught us one thing, it is that wanting or deciding to be free is no where near enough. We have to earn it. We can want, wish, and hope for the world to get better, but that will never be enough just to   believe that we can be free.  We must take the time to make the world a better place than what it is right now.  We can’t just want food things to just happen; we have to make them happen.

See? Great metaphor for life, eh?

Dreams and desires are wonderful and essential to life. We can even declare our intent to see these dreams come true to the entire world, but they don’t mean anything until we actually turn our desires into actions that lead towards this goal. The United States of America declared to the world that they were a free and independent nation, but they didn’t earn the right to be free until they proved it on the battlefield. The country wanted to be free and then proved to the world that they deserve it. We can all learn from that.

So, declare your independence.

Then, earn it.


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