Quiet Noise


Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

Sketchy little rodent, yeah?

Sound is something we experience at every single waking moment of the day. It’s hard to describe exactly what it is, though that could be a fun writing experiment to explain sound. I’m sure there’s some technical, scientific explanation, but I honestly don’t care to look it up. I just prefer it to stay something that we cannot all explain, but we all experience. We all experience sound, just not in the exact same way. What is pleasing to one person may sound like, literally or otherwise, can sound like nails on a chalk board. Well, unless you like nails on a chalk board. However, I might argue that there is one state of sound that we all can approve of at some point in our lives.

Peace and quiet. We all seek the solace of peace and quiet at the loudest and most chaotic moments of our lives.

External noise can be absolutely overwhelming to me, especially when the sounds are the sounds of the social. I like people, but with social anxiety, hearing the noises emitted from others can be terrifying. People can, on occasion, make me a bit nervous with their chatter, and my mind can over-exaggerate all of the various conversations that pass by my ears.  In addition, hearing all of the meaningless small talk that people seem to want to waste their breath on. It’s like I’m hearing language die right in front of me. Sometimes I wish I could put people on mute so I can escape for a little bit of peace and quiet.

Except, I don’t seek out total silence. I don’t look for anything even remotely close to quiet.

I still need to hear sound.

When the outside world, particularly with other people, gets far too loud, I place two little white ear buds in my ears, plug the other end into my cracked iPod touch, and press play. Shortly after, music and sounds of my preference flood my ears and drown out the unwanted sounds around me. Some people put their music on their phones so they can listen at their leisure, but I need the escape of my music so much that I bought a separate music player in order to have the out if I need it. Long car rides, working overtime, and even long walks require my technological companion to help drown out the rest of the surrounding sound around me.

I like to hear noise, even when life gets too noisy.

It’s the same at nighttime. When the chaos of the day has subsided, I settle into my bed and then immediately turn my extremely loud air conditioner.  While the icy cold atmosphere

I need sound.

There is nothing scarier than dead silence. Silence is absolutely the most overwhelming thing in the world. It’s scary when there is uncomfortable silence, when there should be something said. The world and I need sound.

Even as I type this, I am comforted by the clicking of the keys.


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