This Old Book Can Tell a Story


Hi. My name is Jackie, and I’m a book-a-holic.

So, each and every year, my hometown library hosts an auction to raise money for the library and it’s programs. The main event of this community charity is, of course, the auction itself where each night brings more and better antiques for those who can afford items of the past. For those of us without a lot of money to spend on the old objects, there is so much more to explore. Food vendors with the potato pancakes and lemonade give families meal for the evening. Junk tents, known to some as white elephant sales, over new homes to old objects. With all of this going on, there is still one thing that gets me more excited for this event than anything else in this world, and it involves one of my most favorite things in all of the world.

Books.  Lots and lots of books.

I look forward to my beloved book tent and the used book shop each and every year. Most of the books are donated from well-meaning people. Books that no longer hold value to their owners find themselves in either card board boxes in a tent by the main food stand or forgotten on bookshelves in the used book store. Some people also just donate new books out of the kindness of their hearts and purchase books to sell to support the library, and I am happy to offer my support to the most noble of causes.

Well, I show my support by purchasing books. If I donated any books, I’d probably end up buying at least some of them back without even remembering I had even owned them. I’d never get rid of unread or unused books if I donated to a place I buy from.

Not that I’d ever want to actually get rid of books.

Thing is, I prefer the old and used books. They have a history, not just with the story on the pages, but with the actual book itself. Used books contain an untold story to each and every subsequent owner who possesses the book. Somebody purchased this book, read this book, and loved or hated this book.

Also, old books just smell like heaven itself.

If you ever have the opportunity, go to an old, used book store. Step inside and take breath. It’s an intoxicating smell, isn’t it? Used book stores just feel a little more like home than your average Barnes and Noble bookstore. New books just look so perfect that you’re afraid to bend them even the slightest.

Used books are just better because they’ve been just that, used.

We don’t publish books just for decoration, and if any one does, then they should be absolutely ashamed of themselves. Books are meant to be loved, to be read, to be shared, and to be enjoyed. There is the old saying that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, and maybe that’s because the cover is meant to be irrelevant.

By the way, when I mean used, I mean the book looks like it has been used. Pages should be dogeared and a bit wet from being taken into the bath. The spine should be worn. Basically, the book should look like it’s actually been read.

Read a book. Love the book. Use the Book.


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