I Don’t Need It, So Take My Money


The day is here.

Tonight marks the start of one of the most pointless shopping days of the year. It’s a day where thousands of people reach for their credit cards and computers (or phones, tablets, or yada yada technological device of choice) and then purchase hundreds of low priced items that vary in their type and usage. It is supposed to be a day of competitive shopping where deals are only available for a short amount of time and only available to the first eager buyers who notice the good prices as soon as they popped up. No, it isn’t the infamous Black Friday where people get beaten bloody over a stupid sale over a sale on vacuums.

It’s Amazon Prime Day!

Every year, they promote the hell out of this day and offer a plethora of deals on a wide variety of items with various shapes, sizes, and purposes. Every so many minutes, new deals are released to the general public and stay that cheap until one-hundred percent of the deal is claimed or so much time has passed. So many items pop up on Amazon’s Prime Day page, it can may seem easy to become quite excited over all of the potential. However, not many find excitement over this digital day.

Most of the deals are severely underwhelming.

With the advertising the company always puts into this day, one would assume that many of these deals were for epic items like television sets and gaming systems at crazy low prices. Most of the deals are either for regular household items and groceries or the actual sale on items like the bigger electronics is not even close to high. It’s a great day in theory, but it doesn’t seem to work out as well as it may seem in practice.

Still, as unimpressed as I was with this digital shopping holiday, I ended up spending about fifty bucks on a video game and DVD box set. I doubt I’ll spend more on any other of the other deals that may arise over the remainder of Prime Day, but you never really know.  I’m a sucker for a good deal. As I browse through the various Prime Day deals, I’m waiting for midnight when one of my favorite clothing stores is having a forty percent off sale on all of their items. New clothes, like books, are an absolute weakness for me.

Actually, sales in general are a weakness for me.

I can never justify purchases unless I find them on sale, a good sale. It’s guilt that keeps me from buying things I want, especially if I cannot justify a specific need for whatever I am about to purchase. I put money away to save for the item in an effort to not feel guilty, but I always end up talking myself out of it.

Why do I even feel guilty? I donate to charity when I can so I’m not hoarding the money I earned selfishly, and I have a full time job. Plus, I am never late in paying my college loans. I can afford to buy things I want, whether or not I actually need them.  I should be able to buy things and use my money as I see fit, but I always feel the need to apologize and justify my monetary actions.

I do this a lot.

I am a chronic apologizer.



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