Let It Fall


I love it when it rains.

There is nothing more peaceful than curling up on the window seat in my bedroom, wrapped in a soft blanket with a mug of tea at my side, my head against the cool glass of the window, and listening to a thunderstorm. I’m not entirely sure why an occurrence of a storm is so incredibly relaxing to me. Maybe, it’s the juxtaposition of the quiet calm inside my bedroom with the loud, potentially destructive chaos of a storm going on outside. There is simply no better time to relax than in the middle of a heavy rain or thunderstorm.

Sleeping when it rains is even more peaceful.

Some people like complete quiet when they’re about to go to bed. They like to block out all sound and sleep in complete silence. I am nowhere near one of those people. I cannot exist without any sort of sound when I go to bed, otherwise my brain focuses on any it can possibly can. My ears will try to pick up on any small sound they can in order to lull me to a nice sleep.  When it rains, all they need to do is listen to the sounds outside to help me fall into a deep sleep. When you sleep well, your body is able to recharge and grow, but it’s not just me who benefits from a good rainstorm or storm.

Rain seems to do that for other things as well.

As I walked to my car tonight to go to the gym, I looked down at the grass, still wet from an earlier rainstorm. It was a brighter green than it has been in the past few dry days. The rain rejuvenated the dying grass and helped it flourish for another day. Much as it is nice to see the warm sun and clear blue sky, we need rain to fall so things can grow. Flowers cannot grow when they’re being dried up from seeing only sunlight.

Another good metaphor for life, huh?

Bad things can and will happen in life. We cannot do anything to avoid that, but maybe we should appreciate life’s rainstorms. The bad times may suck, but they help us grow as well as the good times. We cannot thrive only on sunlight; it’ll dry us up. We need a little rain to grow to be better people.

See? I really love rain. Well, I love it most of the time. The only time I don’t is when I have to drive in it.

Driving in the bright sun? Give me some sunglasses, and I am good to go. A heavy snow fall? I’m a northern girl; I and my car’s tires can handle winter’s fury. Rain? Well, driving in rain gives me the worst anxiety. Visibility is horrid, but pulling over for safety can be just as dangerous. Plus, no one seems to think it safe to turn their lights on. Rain makes me a nervous wreck of a driver, but it also makes me something else.

Driving in the rain makes me brave.

In a heavy rainstorm, I grip the steering wheel and consider trying to get to a parking lot to pull over safely, but I also keep driving until I get to where I am going. I push myself to find some sort of calm to relax and be brave.

So, anyway, dance in the rain, my friends.




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