Happy Accident


Wow, did not expect to see you in the first few minutes of the game, Mister Deathclaw?

Opening battles in video games should not be this intense, Fallout 4.

I had never played any of the Fallout games prior to purchasing and playing the video game Fallout 4.  I only bought the game because of a few good reviews and seeing some videos of people playing the game online. Knowing nothing of the game’s plot or history, I jumped right into the game and almost immediately was met with the one of the game’s most notorious villains.

A Deathclaw.

For those who have never played the post-nuclear apocalypse video game franchise, a deathclaw is arguably one of the hardest antagonists to beat in the game. Their attacks are incredibly powerful, and unless you are one of the more skilled players of this game, you basically cannot beat this guy and try to avoid it at all cost when it comes anywhere near you in the game.

Unfortunately, this powerful foe cannot be avoided as the game designers have place it as an obstacle that must be overcome to progress in the game.

One of the opening missions of the game, after you’ve escaped two-hundred years of being cryogenically frozen in a nuclear fallout shelter, is to get a set of what’s called power armor and defeat a deathclaw that is terrorizing an area.

So, I will return the previous statement that I had never played this game or any of the others in the franchise before, so naturally, I had no clue what I was doing.

Running around the ruins of a Massachusetts town, the state where the game takes place,  I thought I was doing everything right in this game After two hours of screwing around trying to learn the controls, I finally made it through to a town where a group of annoying people called “The Minutemen” would only give me the whereabouts of where I could obtain information on my missing family if I stepped into this suit called power armor, got this huge gun, and defeated this monster that was keeping them trapped inside this building. I did as I was bid and walked outside, assuming an early mission of a video game would be easy.

It was not easy.

The damn deathclaw came after me the second I stepped outside of the building I was in and killed me instantly, and then he killed me again and again. Third time around, I managed to stay alive long enough to get a few shots in before one of the worst case scenarios happened.

I ran out of power for my suit, and this killer monster thing was barreling down on me.

In the middle of this town, there was an underground tunnel where I could get some relief from the assault and get some power. I thought I was absolutely safe for a few moments while I gathered the items I needed to wind the game.

The damn thing followed me down into the underground.

Having never played the game, what occurred next may not have been correct, but I beat this part of the level just the same.

My next move was most definitely a happy accident. Call it a glitch or maybe it was the game’s design, the deathclaw was trapped in the underground section of the town while I was free to run to safety.

I now had complete freedom to run around downtown without fear.

The objective of this mission is to use the power armor and big gun to defeat the deathclaw terrorizing the area. This is the intended way to beat this part of the game. However, with my power armor trapped underground with the thing that would absolutely kill me in a second, I needed to escape quickly to avoid having to re-spawn and have to face that stupid thing again. In what most experienced players of the franchise would call idiotic, I stepped out of the protection of the power armor and ran awkwardly and quickly up the steps onto the city streets.

I now had the advantage.

It was like shooting a fish in a barrel, except the barrel was an underground tunnel and the fish was the giant monster thing. It took me about three hours of using

I still beat the thing.

Eventually, after a few hours of using random guns and grenades I found around town, the stupid creature met its end. Running back to the people who gave me the mission, I was allowed to progress in the game.

I did it my way.







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