Five More Minutes


“Five more minutes,” I mutter sleepily to the alarm on my phone. I roll over and snuggle tightly to the multiple blankets

The alarm sounds off again, and I repeat the same cycle of begging for more time at rest.

By the time the third alarm goes off, I am scrambling to throw on my makeup and get out   the door to get to work on time. While I scrambled to make sure I look human as I walked into my office building, I don’t regret staying in bed as long as I did.

I really love sleep.

Funny thing is, sleep is something I didn’t appreciate when I was little. My mom would put me down for a nap, and I would crawl off of my bed as soon as the door is shut and just play with my toys. One time when I was little more than a toddler, my mom put me to bed for a nap and went for a dip in our pool. She looked up at my bedroom window and saw me standing up at the window from my crib. I just never wanted to nap because I thought I would miss something important.  Sleep got in the way of doing other and more important things I need to do or see.

Now, after college/grad school and a full time job, I know how precious sleep is.

Mind you, even in high school I started to understand how vital and precious sleep time really was. As you enter ninth grade, or whatever grade is the start of the last years of obligatory schooling, the work you are asked to do becomes so much harder.  Gone are the days where schoolwork was completed within the span of an hour. Once you reach the last four years or so of high school, the work gets more advanced. Each course asks you to devote at the very least an hour to study and composition, and that’s only if it’s a normal day. If there is a project, tack on another two hours to make it just right so you can earn the best grades to get to a higher place of learning.

Oh, college.

College was a whole other animal.

Sleep is something a college student searches for but rarely finds. It doesn’t matter what else is going on with your life; you are expected to complete your work within a few days of it being assigned. When special projects come up, good luck trying to schedule more than an hour of sleep. One time, I had to work on a thirty page project and bought every coffee, soda, or energy drink I could find to pull off an all nighter to complete the project. I don’t remember the grade I received for that project, but I do remember walking around like a zombie for the day from lack of a good night sleep.

Then, there is grad school.


I thought I made the right decision going to grad school online.  I could do my studies online at my own pace. I was working a part-time job and searching for a full-time job. I also wanted to have some sort of life, so I though pursuing a higher level of education online would be ideal and relaxing.

Wow, was I ever wrong.

Deciding to proceed with graduate school is basically a declaration to revoke a good night sleep. Once your neck-deep in three thousand word papers to compose by Sunday, you say goodbye to any sort of goodnight sleep. You are a typing machine.

I miss sleep.

Even when you end school and begin working full time, a good night sleep is something that isn’s a true possibility. Every morning I go to work from eight o’clock in the morning to about five o’clock in the evening. Having my time devoted to performing a hopefully good job, I get home to hopefully take care of whatever I need to take care of for the day. I eat. I blog. I exercise.

I *try to* sleep.


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