So Bad, It’s Good.


Grease 2 is better than the original Grease.

There, I said it.

Am I aware that the movie is cheesy and half the songs are just sexual puns and the plot is just the opposite of the original in order to cash in on original’s success and popularity?

Yes, of course I am, but that only makes me love it more.

Grease 2, with all of its cheese and awfulness, has more personality than its predecessor. Sure, the story in the original is more coherent, but we’ve seen the clean cut “Romeo and Juliet” type story countless times before. While the plot just switches a few details up, it still manages to craft an entirely different type of movie. I am so aware that the movie isn’t anywhere close to being polished like the first one. I know it is what most people would consider a bad movie, and it is a bad movie, but I hold it so much higher in esteem than the other.

Bad movies are often better than the good ones.

As I type this, the fifth installment of the Sharknado film franchise is once again taking the world by storm (Pun not intended). People from all over are gathering together, either in-person or online, to indulge in the newest movie in Syfy channel’s most unexpected success story. These films, like many of the other films of the week that this channel produces, feature forgotten actors of the past in impossibly weird scenarios fighting off strange animal-monster-machine-other animal hybrids. Most of them become forgotten after a while or are never recognized in the first place. However, with the release of the first Sharknado film, something changed. The absurdity of the film wasn’t much different than films like Sharktopus and Ghost Shark. The film still employed forgotten actors. It should have been no different, but it instead created a buzz like no other. People just embraced the terrible of this movie and ate it up when the movie just got more and more ridiculous.

People just really love bad movies.

It isn’t exactly clear why some of us are attracted to movies that are subpar in terms of acting, cinematography, and other cinematic elements that win other movies Oscar gold. Some studies say that liking bad movies is a sign of intelligence, but it still doesn’t explain  why intelligent people love terrible movies and television shows.

Bad movies just draw people in.

I can’t speak for other lovers of horrible cinema, but I know why I love the worst the movie industry. Bad movies ignore the standards of the industry and just create films as they see fit. Bad movies, especially like Sharknado and its sequels,  often start to embrace how cheesy and ridiculous they are and seek out to become more terrible and ridiculous.  Whether the films seek out to be bad or don’t realize how ridiculous they are, there is an audience for them.

It’s like the movies are so bad, they’re good.

Grease 2 isn’t a beloved movie of mine because it’s good.

It’s beloved because it’s bad.


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