Until Midnight


I am in love.

This is a love that is totally my type. It’s a love that satisfies any and all fantasies my mind can devise. This love captures my heart and stimulates my mind. It’s been a good long while since I have experienced a love quite like this.

Midnight, Texas.

Ok so my new love is a television show. Judge me if you will, but it’s damn good show. Based on the books by the same author who wrote the books the show TrueBlood was based on, this show helped me fall in love again with all things weird or different. Like TrueBlood, it gave me small town feel with otherworldly charm. It appeals to me in a way other shows just don’t.

Television is and has always been a great love of mine.

I make absolutely no secret that I hold a great passion and love for the stories told on the big screen. I plan my life and schedule around when my favorite television shows are on.  Not having the greatest amount of friends, having some place to go every day for an hour or two or three is great. Television gives me a world to fall in love with that is far more incredible than anything I could possibly try to find in the real world.

Reality may be stranger than fiction, but fiction will always be more entertaining

However, I don’t love all of the fictional worlds that grace my screen.


Not all television shows are created equal. Some are excellent, and some are completely terrible. That is for certain, and favorite television shows are a matter of opinion. I could give you a list of the various aspects that make a television show attractive to an eccentric weirdo like myself. I could list every character type and narrative trait that a show can have that will make a show attractive to me. I could provide arguments on why some shows deserve to be on the air and some shows should be cancelled before the end of the first episode. I know what normally catches my fancy, but sometimes, it doesn’t matter if a television show looks appealing on paper. Sometimes, you just click with a show. Sometimes, you don’t.

It’s just like having chemistry with another person, but the chemistry is with an entire world and the people who live in it flickering across your television screen.

I could watch a television show that checks all of the boxes on what I believe makes an excellent television show and still not be satisfied.  I could watch a show that checks no boxes and become completely enthralled in the story unfolding. I know what I think I want, but sometimes there are television shows that come out of the blue that grab us and pull us into their world and won’t let go. It just happens.

I just love what I love.

There isn’t much more satisfying entertainment than a show that captures your attention without you even realizing it.


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