Where I Lay My Head


I am tired.

I woke up tired. I am tired. I will likely go to bed tired.

I am tired.

There wasn’t a moment I experienced moments of damn near falling asleep at my desk today.  Even after multiple cups of tea and food, nothing seem to ignite any sort of fire in me to wake me up and get me going. Every other breath that escaped my mouth today was a yawn. I could not stop yawning no matter how much I tried. All I wanted to do was lay my head down on my desk and take a quick nap to alleviate my fatigue just for a second. Sadly, that isn’t usually acceptable to do at your place of employment. They tend to fire you over things like that.

Being exhausted is a waking nightmare, especially when there is so much you have to do in your day to day life. Work, social, and personal obligations draw out your energy so much during your waking hours that you need sleep to recharge your batteries. Unfortunately, sleep isn’t always universally good. Sometimes, you don’t sleep well due to a number of different circumstances. This terrible sleep leads to fatigue which leads to poor productivity which leads to you scrambling to finish every task, and this gets in the way of good sleep. It’s a horribly exhausting cycle.

It’s sad because I really love sleep, and I really love doing things.

Sure, the most obvious and logical step I could take to combat my fatigue would be to take the appropriate measures. I could make better use of my time and make sure all of my obligations are taken care of by day’s end. I could make sure I get the correct amount of sleep needed for my body to wake up rested and ready to start to the day. I could do all of this.

Who has time for that and everything else they have to do in life?

So, to avoid slamming my head against my work desk keyboard due my body passing out from lack of sleep, I have found a solution that is best suited for someone who cannot find time to get the best amount of sleep needed to have enough energy to start my day.


My coffee addiction started when I was in high school. Every single morning, I would pay a dollar to pour at least six different sugar packets down store bought coffee to start my day. It was terrible coffee, but I drank it just the same.

Then, it got bad.

Getting coffee to get through my day extended to my work day. It started on nights that i had to work later in order to make it through the late night. Then, every shift required a cup of coffee to get through the day. I chose to get my energy from this beverage rather than just sleeping better.

Now, my day revolved around when I could obtain my morning cup of wake-up.



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