It Doesn’t Grow on Trees


I have money.

Not a lot, but I have enough to pay for the bills I have. I don’t gather a lot of expenses that require payment, and I am even able to treat myself with little gifts every now and again if I see something I really want but don’t necessarily need. Right now, I’ve found something I am of interest to purchase very soon.

I need/want to buy a new iPod as my old one is cracked and dying the slowest and most painful of deaths.

Unfortunately, the purchase will not happen right now.

It’s not because I don’t have the funds to fund my unnecessary purchase. There is more than enough money in my bank account to buy a few of what I want to buy, and it won’t make a huge dent in my finances. I even have money saved up for the extravagant purchase. Hell, my birthday is coming up, and my parents even offered to give me money for it. Still, I have not purchased this musical device as of yet for one specific reason.

I’m cheap.

I am really cheap.

Money isn’ really a big problem for me these day, but I wasn’t always so thrifty. I blew my  first paycheck from my first job and never really thought about the money I had. I had money. I spent the money. I had no concept of what it meant to have expenses and wasted any dime that came my way.

Then, I learned how to better manage my money a little too well.

Once you graduate college, money becomes more really. You start to seek out jobs that could earn you money, and at first, you think you will be able to spend it on what you want.  Then, reality and its expenses hit you in the face. You need money for gas, for rent, for food, and you have to pay back all of your college loans. You have money, but you never really have money for you.

I try to be efficient about my money.


Frugality rules each and every purchase I make.

I was taught very well in terms of coupons and sales when making purchases. Never buy anything that is not on sale. This way, I could get what I needed and still have money to pay for the things I wanted.

Even with coupons, discounts, and sales,  I am hesitant to make big purchases.

Maybe, I’m just afraid something bad will happen, and I will need my money in case of emergency.

Paranoia aside, I’m getting a new iPod because my iPod is dying a slow death.

Luckily, I can sell back some old Apple devices and get a $100 dollar gift card towards my new music player. Thank God, I have an old iPad 2 that is still in decent condition. It’s a win-win in my book. I get rid of an old clunker that is just taking up space in my house, and I can get the music player I need at a price that doesn’t hurt my wallet.

Because I really need a new iPod.


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