Choose Kindness and Do Good


“White Nationalists March in Virginia”

Today was yet another day where the day began with an act of violence and hatred. It was a day where those with such strong darkness and anger burning in their hearts, minds, and souls decided to violate and challenge the safety and peace of those they deem unworthy or lessor than themselves. It was an act that fueled hateful and hurt words and ideas being hurled back and forth at one another from either side, each asserting themselves as the correct team while damning the other. Video clips and pictures of angry protestors with signs reading hateful words against others flooded digital screens of the world’s bystanders watching the events of the day unfold and feeling helpless that they had no way . Then, this demonstration of anger led to what days like this always lead to as another news headline flashed before our eyes.

“One Killed in Charlottesville Protest”

Yes, because of this demonstration and its beliefs, an individual is no longer able to draw a breath and move about this world. I don’t even know or care what side this person was on because it doesn’t matter. Someone lost their life because hatred was so strong in the hearts of man. This march of hatred and darkness led to what hatred always leads to: a horrible act. Because individuals chose hatred, someone eventually had to pay the ultimate price. A light of life was extinguished because the fires of anger and hatred burned too brightly.

Why does the world always turn out like this?

Why do people choose to openly attack those whom they disagree with? Why are there people in this world who choose to act of the feelings and thoughts of anger and hatred with violence and open aggression? Why do those who disagree with those hateful individuals chose to hurl equally angry and hateful words at the opposition and think they are doing better than them? How is that going to help the world get any better than the way it is right now? Why do we need to hate at all?

We need to do better. We need to do so much better.

The world is so, so incredibly dark nowadays. Everyday, some sort of terrible tragedy shatters any sort of peace we may have found. Every second, people who disagree with other people decide to yell and scream at each other instead of just sitting down and talking to one another. People choose to act violently on the hateful feelings in their heart, and others with seemingly good intentions choose to react in anger over everything instead of choosing to be better.

We need to do better.

I know it is hard. When I see both sides of an argument hurling mean and angry words at each other, I want to just give up. Both sides fight each other’s fire with equal fire. Is it any wonder that the world is burning? As difficult as it may be, we need to choose kindness when the other side acts in hatred. We need to do good when other’s do bad.  The world is dark. Let’s try to drive it out with kind light instead of our own dark hate.

Choose kindness and do good.



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