Good for Her, Not for Me


I judge you.

You judge me.

We all judge each other and each and every thing around us.

Judgement is something that we all do and all have done to us. There is no way of stopping it. Each and every day as we move about our normal routines, we are knowingly and unknowingly judging the world around us and are judged in return whether we know it or not. We take in every little detail of everything we see, evaluate it, and make our own observations. We judge no matter what we encounter in life whether we want to or not.

We can’t help it.

People are like snowflakes, not like in the hypersensitive easily hurt way the word is used now. Not one person is fits into the exact same mold or follows an identical path to anyone else in the world. We all live our own different existences without anyone matching perfectly with another person. It’s natural to evaluate our own life in comparison to the completely or slightly different lives of the people we pass by in our own lives.

We always judge and are judged in return.

Sometimes, this act of judging can get quite malicious.

Look at the headlines right now. Your newspapers and news feeds are filled with one story that was fueled by the hateful judgement of others regarding particular groups that live in the United States. These judgements have led to destruction, mistrust, and even death. Unfortunately, these judgements are shaping the world we live in right now.

Those are the stories that are reaching the headlines of the world, but they are not the only acts of judgements we see in our day to day lives.

The little judgements are the ones that we don’t always realize we do. It’s passing someone on the street and evaluating their appearance. It’s hearing a story about another person’s life and comparing its quality to your own or that of another person. It’s simply seeing something and forming our own particular opinion on it.

We can’t help but judge, but we can keep it from continuing on longer than it should.

“Good for her, not for me”

This brilliant and accurate quote is from comedians Amy Poehler’s memoir Yes Please!. Like I said, judgement isn’t always something we can control or realize we’re doing it. We  look. We see. We judge. It just happens, but what matters more is what we do once we realize we’re in this judgement cycle. When we start to judge others for their life choices being different than our own, whether positively or negatively, we don’t really add anything positive to the world by comparing ourselves to others.

Still, no matter what we do, we judge.

We are judgmental creatures, and there is no one we are more judgmental of than ourselves. Sometimes, we keep this judgement to ourselves. We only look at our own life and it’s perfections or flaws, and we judge ourselves for where we are in life. Other times, we judge ourselves in comparison.Our lives are our  lives, and their lives are theirs. We cannot accurately compare them because they are different. What works for me isn’t always what’s best for them.

“Good for her, not for me”



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