Learning Curve

I hate being the new kid in school.

Unfortunately,  that is where I find myself as I am starting my new position with my current company.

I have only been at this position for four days.

I know that Rome is not built in a day, and I need to be patient.


Am I?

Am I ready for this?

I have asked myself this question ever since I accepted my new position within my company. It’s only been two days, and I know I will become more and more accustomed to the rules and tasks within the position. I know management will adjust my training accordingly if I do not take to a task quick enough or if I exceed expectations. I know I need to be patient with myself as I move forward in my new position. It is just scary to try to move forward and do everything I nee to do.


For anyone still following my posts, I apologize for not posting yesterday and posting late/early today.

I was traveling.

On Friday, my family and I traveled to Southern California for a wedding and family trip to Disneyland. While the weekend was filled with things to do and people to see, I am absolutely exhausted.

I will post more tomorrow.


I hate going to weddings.

Let me explain.

I believe in marriage. I believe in true love and all of that. I just hate going to celebrations of love and commitment when I am decidedly single. When you are single, weddings are a bit of a nightmare. You cannot find a date, so you are left going to this celebration of love as someone who is completely alone. You create problems with seating as you do not fit with the multiple couples that find themselves invited to these events. You sit on the sidelines for every slow song and are forced to participate in the bouquet toss or the garter toss.

I hate weddings.



I have a love/ hate relationship with traveling.

Right now, I am in the midst of my third trip to California. This time, I am here for a wedding. Last time, I was here for work and was here for a family visit. As a future California resident, I love being here.

I just don’t always love traveling here.

Travel, how well or how poorly it goes, depends on where you leave and what places you have to go prior to your final destination. Today was a mixture of good, bad, and a little ugly. Like I said, I love being here.

Getting here is the problem.


I just spent about an hour running around my room putting away clothes.

I never put away clothes.

Today should have been a good day. It was the last day with my current department before I start my new position with my new job. ┬áStill, the day was filled with anxiety. I don’t know whether I was anxious about leaving or starting a new job, but I was filled with jitters. Coming home, I tried to shake the nerves only to be filled with more as I had to pack last minute for a trip to California for a wedding.

I just don’t know.